Zoom Image - How do I hide or change the Caption of the Zoom Image?

When you click an image in Zoom Image you will notice there is a caption below the image. This FAQ will give you two ways to deal with this caption, especailly since it is usually something like Stacks Image 3536 or something similar. You can either hide or change that caption and both ways are very easy.

To hide this caption, you can use simple CSS code in the Page Inspector (see General FAQ - Adding CSS to the Page Inspector for help on how to do this). Use this code:

  `tr {display: none !important;}`

To change the text in the caption area, after you add your image to the stack, double click on the image and you will bring up the Image Editor (see General FAQ - The Stacks Image Editor for more information).

In the Stacks Image Editor, there is an area titled Alt Tag, put the caption text in there.

And now when you preview your stack, you will see your text from the Alt Tag in the Caption area.

Now go forth and make your websites great!