How to find YouTube Playlist IDs

So you are using our Video Wall stack and want to display a YouTube playlist. Which code from the playlist do you use?!? First, you need to find your playlist on YouTube.

YouTube Playlist

Then you need to click in the area where the URL is located. Youtube URLs are usually very long, here is the URL for the image above:

Now you do not need the entire URL, you only need the items after &list=, so what I would add to the stack settings from the URL above would be this:


You also have to be careful about anything at the end of the URL that has the & symbol and you would want to remove that part of the URL. Here is an example:

you will notice at the end there is &index=7 as this code tells YouTube either which video in the playlist you are on or where in the video you are if you have started watching one of the videos in a playlist. This will not work in Video Wall, so you will want to remove it.

Hoep this helps you decifer