Static Player Settings

Static Player Setup

  • Player ID: (input) The static player ID that shoudl match the settings in the Video Wall stack
    • Default: videowall

  • Border: (color) Border color
    • Allows Opacity: true
  • Border: (slider) The border size on the static player
    • Default: 20px
    • Min Value: 0px
    • Max Value: 40px

  • Hide until video played?: (checkbox) Hide the static player on page load
    • Default: false
  • Caption on Hover?: (checkbox) Display the caption when you hover over the player.
    • Default: false
  • Caption: (color-2) Caption colors
    • Enable: When Caption on Hover? is set to true
    • Allows Opacity: true

Floating Player

  • Dock Color: (color-2) The colors for the dock on the floating static player
    • Allows Opacity: true

  • Y Position: (button-2) The vertical position of the floating player
    • Default: [true, false]
  • X Position: (button-2) The horizontal position of the floating player
    • Default: [false, true]