Total CMS Release Notes

v1.4.34 (5/2/2019)

  • Better support for Cyrillic and Unicode characters. Had to implement some more workarounds for certain hosting companies that are a pain coughA2cough

v1.4.33 (5/1/2019)

  • You can now set default value for draft and feautured toggles inside of the Blog form

v1.4.32 (4/29/2019)

  • Better support for Cyrillic and Unicode characters
  • Removed some possibilities of edge case where multiple images getting saved to a gallery at the exact same time does not cause issues. As in the same exact millisecond.

v1.4.31 (4/16/2019)

  • Fixed issue with blog permalinks only being numbers
  • Hipwig blockquotes are no longer purple by default. They are a medium gray color (#777)

v1.4.30 (4/3/2019)

  • Dialed back the Hipwig fixes so that the styles are only applied to Hipwig related content, not other content on the page.
  • The Text content stack now has a Hipwig specific setting. Before you would set it as Plain Text. However, this would add some unwanted br tags onto the page. THe new Hipwig setting will now display the raw data. It’s the same as using the %cmsData()% macro.

v1.4.29 (3/31/2019)

  • Drafts no longer appear in the RSS feed
  • Fix for very long captions inside gallery

v1.4.28 (3/30/2019)

  • Embedly now always loaded via https
  • Added new info to the debug output to check for the php-mbstring package is installed. Not having this package installed could cause some parts of the CMS to not function properly.
  • Fixed various hipwig settings not getting applied to the content pages

v1.4.27 (3/19/2019)

  • Fix for updating blog galleries in some server setups.

v1.4.26 (3/1/2019)

  • Fix for issues when the Blog List stack is hidden from the page with Stacks such as Agent, Visilock, Total CMS Select, etc.
  • New setting inside of the main content Blog List stack that will filter in/out feautured images from slideshows and content. Maybe you don’t want to show featured images? Or you want to only show featured images?

v1.4.25 (1/18/2019)

  • Full Size images can now be used inside Gallery and Blog Gallery. This is very useful when integrating with Horizon.
  • Fix for trial check on Windows servers

v1.4.24 (12/21/2018)

  • Fixed Hipwig license warning in the admin editors.

v1.4.23 (12/20/2018)

  • Improved htaccess rule builder
  • Fixed Ken Burns effects with Impact Integration
  • Made the Random Effects button actually work in Impact Integration stack

v1.4.22 (12/19/2018)

  • Added reverse alpha sort for Depot (this feature vanished into thin air somehow)
  • Fixed PHP errors when querying the API for a Toggle that is set to off

v1.4.21 (11/20/2018)

  • Fixes for uploading images inside Hipwig on LiteSpeed servers on A2 Hosting (and possibly other hosts running LiteSpeed)

v1.4.20 (11/5/2018)

  • Updates to gallery stacks for integration with upcoming Horizon stack.

v1.4.19 (11/2/2018)

  • Added reverse alpha sort for Depot

v1.4.18 (10/29/2018)

  • Fix for some PHP warnings showing inside cms.log under certain cases.

v1.4.17 (10/1/2018)

  • Fix for depot + impact preview

v1.4.16 (9/21/2018)

  • Preview performance improvements and fixes for upcoming RapidWeaver 8.1 update

v1.4.15 (7/19/2018)

  • Fix for the displaying blog images inside of the Image Stack.

v1.4.14 (5/4/2018)

  • Fix for some PHP errors when using hidden tags in the Blog List (that start with -)

v1.4.13 (4/13/2018)

  • Fix for galleries and lightboxes not working in some themes.

v1.4.12 (4/7/2018)

  • New %cmsData({cmsid})% macro to bring in the raw cms content with zero conversions. (cmsText converts returns to br tags)

v1.4.11 (3/9/2018)

  • Fix for displaying tag and category imaages in the Blog Post page.

v1.4.10 (3/4/2018)

  • Fix for blog author images on the Blog Post page.

v1.4.9 (2/26/2018)

  • New Image Shim stack now supports multiple images
  • A lot of changes have been made in the backend to allow for the potential of using PHP variables (such as from Sitelok) inside the various text entry fields throughout the entire CMS. In general, the content based stacks can take a direct PHP variable inside the setting. Admin stack will require that you wrap the variable inside php tags.
    • Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported feature as if does require you have knowledge of code and how PHP functions. Support for Total CMS does not include teaching you to code.

v1.4.8 (2/25/2018)

  • New Image Shim stack allows you to use CMS images inside almost any 3rd party image stack

v1.4.7 (2/9/2018)

  • Added the featured class to all gallery and blog gallery thumbnails. This also happens with the CMS Integraion stacks for 3rd party developers.

v1.4.6 (1/11/2018)

  • Fixed bug introduced in v1.4.5 that the totals were always displayed in the Blog Filter Links stack

v1.4.5 (1/10/2018)

  • Updated Hipwig libraries with bugfixes
  • Fixed double click issue in Hipwig that cuased the toolbar to become position fixed
  • Fixed the Ken Burns effect inside the Total CMS Impact integration
  • Fixed a Edit Mode conflict with some Bootstrap based themes
  • The -tag syntax will now show inside Blog Admin List (tags and categories)
  • The -tag syntax now properly excludes tags and categories when using macros
  • New option inside the Depot Admin that allows you to hide alread uploaded files. This is convenient when you might want to use the Depot admin on the content side of your site.

v1.4.4 (10/27/2017)

  • Blog Tags and Categories that start with a dash (-) will not be included inside any link or filter lists.
  • There is now an image preview inside the alt tag editor.
  • All “exif_read_data Illegal IFD size” errors should stop populating the cms.log
  • Blog List detailed padding works now.
  • File and Depot now support doc, xls and ppt extensions.
  • CONTEXT_DOCUMENT_ROOT is taken into affect when determining DOCUMENT_ROOT.
  • Fixed sticky toolbar in Hipwig inside Chrome.
  • Blog Layout Filter fix.
  • Fix for when there is more than one macro in the same line of content.
  • Feed timestamp fix.
  • Fix for when Feed items get duplicated in the admin list.

v1.4.3 (10/20/2017)

  • Fixed deleting and editing existing Feed items
  • Fixed some UTF8 encoding issues with blog permalinks getting saved
  • Increased max width on Impact integration foreground content.

v1.4.2 (10/18/2017)

  • Images for Author, Tags and Categories on the Blog Post page.
  • Fix for drag and drop on various admin components.
  • Fixed some misc PHP errors.
  • Improved “No Post Found” logic on Blog List stacks. Its now done after all posts have been filtered.
  • Fixed automated permalinks from adding double timestamps and UUIDs.
  • Fix for Hipwig image styles on the content side.

v1.4.1 (10/8/2017)

  • Improved admin blog list page load
  • Fixed JS errors with new Category and Tag select stacks on Blog Posts
  • Fixed alt tags in CMS images

v1.4.0 (9/11/2017)

This is a major update to Total CMS. Please review the below release notes.

There is a video overview of this update on our YouTube channel at


  • Dates now support relative time. Ex: 2 months ago
  • Dates now have better support for named date formats. Ex: January 31, 2018
  • Dates are now localized in
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • Danish
    • French
    • Italian
  • Date picker now localized to the above mentioned languages
  • Date picker now supports time
  • Date localization is configured via the Language settings inside Admin Core and CMS Core.
  • There are more pre-made date formats now. Custom formats can be done using the rules found at

Blog Post

  • Warnings inside Blog Post stacks when moved outside of the Blog Post stack.
  • Content, Summary and Extra Content are no longer always passed through a markdown parser. Assumes that Hipwig is used by default. This is controlled through a new Format settings inside those stacks.
  • Double quotes from the Summary are stripped when used inside meta tags on the Blog Post page.
  • New setting in the Blog Post stack that will not allow draft blog posts from displaying even if the URL/permalink is known.
  • Blog child stack menus better organized so that stacks are easier to find
  • New Blog Post Layout Rules for
    • matching text within fields
    • testing if a field is empty
    • testing the amount of words in the contents

Blog List

  • NEW STACK! The Blog List stack has been completely revamped with a better grid layout system.
  • NEW STACK! Blog List & Blog post Words and Read Time stack.
  • Blog filters no longer affect Impact CMS Blog integration. The Impact contents will always be the filter defined in the stack.
  • When linking to blog tags and categories with special characters in them, they will now properly filter the blog list when clicked.
  • Blog List Image now has border and round corner settings
  • New positioning and hover options in Blog List Layout
  • Background image and more options in Blog List Image
  • New ability to have images for authors, tags and categories.
  • Ability to add a filter link to the author

Blog Form

  • NEW STACK! New Blog Delete child stack of the Admin Blog Post stack. This will allow you to add any button that you want for the delete button.
  • NEW STACK! New Permalink stack with more advanced automated options. To use these new features, you will need to add a new Permalink stack to the page and replace your existing one.
  • NEW STACKS! New blog form select stacks for author, tag and category
  • Blog post backups now save last 10 edits for every blog post.
  • Fixed blog posts getting erased when errors happened during edit/saving.
  • If there is an error saving the Blog Post URL, it will be displayed at the bottom of the form.
  • You can now hide the Blog date field. The date will remain the same as when it was saved to the CMS.
  • You can now use oEmbed inside Blog Content and Extra Content. Ex: []


  • Feed images can be edited again
  • Ability to sort Feeds oldest first

Image & Gallery

  • The Image action bar (alt tag, reorder, etc.) can now be used immediately after the image is uploaded.
  • Copy Image Path lightbox now has links to each image
  • When PNGs are uploaded the a gallery, they will now get a white background instead of black.


  • Old style macros will no longer work
  • CMS Core and Blog Macros stack now have helper settings that let you copy & paste CMS macros much easier.
  • Macros can now be defined with a heirarchy. Ex: group/title
  • There are new macros for gallery and blog post featured images
    • %cmsGalleryImageFeaturedAlt(cmsid)%
    • %cmsGalleryImageFeaturedAltFormat(cmsid)%
    • %cmsGalleryImageFeatured(cmsid)%
    • %cmsGalleryImageFeaturedThumb(cmsid)%
    • %cmsGalleryImageFeaturedSquare(cmsid)%
    • %blogImageFeaturedAlt()%
    • %blogImageFeaturedAltFormat()%
    • %blogImageFeatured()%
    • %blogImageFeaturedThumb()%
    • %blogImageFeaturedSquare()%
    • %blogDateMonth()%
    • %blogDateMonthName()%
    • %blogDateMonthNameShort()%
    • %blogDateDay()%
    • %blogDateDayName()%
    • %blogDateDayNameShort()%
    • %blogDateYear()%
    • %blogDateYearShort()%


  • Embedly support added to Hipwig. Another way to oEmbed.
  • Hipwig quick insert toolbar
  • Ability to customize the Font Size menu in Hipwig
  • New image style added for full width images
  • You can now uplaod & embed your own MP4 video files
  • Admin Core styles settings now get applied properly to the Hipwig editor


  • Full upgrade to new Stacks 3.5 API. Edit Mode should feel “zippier”.
  • New checks to verify that the project website address is properly set for Total CMS
  • New check for if the project web address properly ends with a “/”.
  • Input field placeholder text now inherits from the outline color setting.
  • Improved error checking when saves fail under some cases.
  • Fixed errors when trying to register a domain that has already been registered.

v1.3.13 (4/27/2017)

  • Minor PHP warning fixes to reduce errors that could show up in cms.log in some circumstances
  • Custom Styles now work for the Blog List loadmore button
  • Improved marking text admin fields as unsaved. It was a bit liberal in marking things as unsaved when no changes were actually made.
  • Fixed some API key errors when still in trial mode.
  • Performance improvements with blog lists when there are a lot of images.
  • New hyphenate setting in Blog List and Blog Post stack. This is turned off by default. For those that want hyphenating enabled, you will have to check this setting.
  • Fixed issue where multiple posts would get added to RSS Feed and Sitemap.xml

v1.3.12 (4/25/2017)

  • Fixes missing images when having Blog List + Impact Blog List on the same page.
  • Fixes for when a content Blog List is used on an admin page.
  • Background colors work on Blog List Layout stack.
  • Admin Blog List filter form works again

v1.3.11 (4/20/2017)

  • Fix for processing blog macros

v1.3.10 (4/18/2017)

  • Fixed PHP errors when no blog posts are set to draft or featured
  • Fixed issue with All Posts count in Blog Filter Links
  • Blog List is now an inline stack. This means that the background, border, margin and padding settings have been removed. If you want the same effect, simply add the Blog List stack inside of a 1 Column stack.
  • Massive speed and memory optimization when you have a lot of Blog List and Filter stacks on the same page.
  • Improved link options for the Impact Blog List integration.
  • The CMS ID can not longer be set to a blank value.
  • Improved video poster images for Impact Depot integration.
  • Enter key is disabled for submitting forms.
  • Fixed Datastore bulk edit.
  • New Blog List child stacks for Tags and Categories.
  • Fix for some server setups with the License key not being read properly.

v1.3.9 (4/11/2017)

  • Admin Blog List filtering for Only Draft or Only Featured
  • Imapct Depot integration now uses image name for alt tag
  • Blog Filter Links and Select now have better filtering options for date, draft and featured
  • With the new enhancement to Blog Filters, actual CMS data in the lists will only show on publish.
  • Admin Blog List can now filter by date. Someone was bound to ask for this…
  • Blog Post stack can now be used to bring in a blog post dynamically
  • Improved Blog Permalink hide feature. Checkmarks no longer display.

v1.3.8 (4/10/2017)

  • Beta release only

v1.3.7 (4/7/2017)

  • Blog List Admin now has more elaborate sort setting that matches the content side.

v1.3.6 (4/6/2017)

  • The autocomplete for Blog Post form author, tag and category can be toggled off.
  • When double clicking the autocomplete fields, this now also marks that field as changed.
  • Blog Post summary and content now also have text overflow wrap enabled (I’m looking at you, Brett!)
  • Admin Blog list filtering now includes Draft and Featured settings to control how those posts are handled
  • Admin Core styles now also style the filter form on the Admin Blog List stack.
  • More advanced input styles for admin components: font size, height, padding, margin, border and radius
  • Form styles from Admin Core now also available in CMS Core. These are used for Datastore and Blog Filter forms.

v1.3.5 (4/5/2017)

  • Reverted Hipwig editor libraries back. Will update again in the future when the issues are ironed out.
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.3.4 (4/5/2017)

  • Fixed random timer for slideshows in Blog List. They should not fire at the same time now.
  • Search engines will no longer be able to source any Total CMS server files.
  • Fixed php warnings with macros where the image does not exist in the cms.
  • Fix for registration failing errors inside RapidWeaver
  • Disabled Hipwig save for Blog Forms. It was causing corruption when also saving multiple images
  • Hide Blog List load more button when there are no more posts to load.
  • Load the featured image for Blog Post Image and Blog List.
  • New Image and Blog Image stacks will default to Grow to Container width. This is so when you are using the thumbnail as the default image, the page will load nicer.
  • Depot sort by date features work properly now
  • Blog RSS title and descriptions now get populated with the settings.
  • Toggling draft on a blog post will now cause the RSS to get rebuilt.
  • Blog Post form after submit actions will no longer fire if the form has incured an error on submission.
  • Blog post titles now wrap when you have super long words (looking at you, Germans! ;-P)
  • Blog Layout Rules stack now works with author and category.
  • Blog List Layout stack now supports background color and images
  • CMS Core now supports the ability to add a prefix to all CMS IDs that are used inside macros. This could help speed up changing all ids on a page very rapidly. However, this only works with macros. Not when the CMS ID is defined inside a CMS stack setting.
  • Added max execution time to to the debug output.
  • Blog Post Image can now be hidden when there is more than one image added to a post gallery. This means that you can now easily show and image stack when there is only one image and the gallery stack when there are more than one.
  • Impact Blog List integration now supports showing of thumbnails for the images. This is great when loading Impact in a smaller space like the sidebar.
  • Impact Depot integration with video has been fixed so that poster images can be loaded for the video on mobile devices. You simply need to upload an image file with the same name as the video file. Example: video.mp4 and video.jpg
  • Updated Hipwig libraries with a bunch of enhancements and bug fixes.

v1.3.3 (1/31/2017)

  • Blog images now have a red border to indicate that the content has not been saved yet.
  • Hipwig image sizing improvements
  • API Key checking no longer gets triggered during initial trial mode
  • Fixed some misc PHP errors
  • The Blog Summary can now be automatically generated based on the blog contents typed in.
  • Fixed button alignment in non-Foundation themes
  • Gallery images no longer disappear when dragged before the image dropzone area
  • Blog List images can not have the link to the blog post turned off
  • Blog prefills for author, category and tags properly merge with data from CMS now
  • Draft posts no longer show up in author, tag and category lists
  • Fix for htaccess rule generator when site is published to a subfolder
  • Uploading images into Hipwig now properly marks the text area as unsaved
  • Fixed conflcit with Feeds and Blog Post on the same page
  • Reduce PHP warnings about iptcparse not being installed when it is installed
  • Updated Hipwig library to the latest version
  • Hipwig tooltip localization into English, Spanish and German
  • Improved Hipwig Pro Settings in Admin Core
  • New Pro Setting: define the colors used in the color toolbar menu

v1.3.2 (1/16/2017)

  • API Key warning now restricted to Edit Mode (as it should have always been)

v1.3.1 (1/10/2017)

  • Update Hipwig and other open source libraries with bug fixes
  • Some minor bug and compatibility fixes

v1.3.0 (12/5/2016)

This is a major update. Please review update video for details. Make sure to REPUBLISH ALL FILES.

Video overview of update:


  • API Keys are now used to add an extra layer of security to the CMS.
  • Your Total CMS license key must be added to all CMS Core and Admin Core stacks.
  • All text content is encoded before sent to the CMS.
  • Protect no longer relies on cookies

New CMS Elements

  • New Number admin stack. The contents is still saved as text in the CMS. However, this gives you another input type that really limits users from entering the wrong type of data.
  • New Ratings stack to display static ratings or collect ratings from visitors
  • New Datastore admin stack

Images & Gallery


  • New Image crop settings in all image and gallery admin stacks allow you to define where the crop for the square thumbnails is taken. You have different settings for both portrait and landscape images.
  • New image validation rules on all image admin stacks. This will stop users from uploading images that will not look good in your layouts. Portrait vs Landscape. File Size, Min/Max height, Min/Max width.
  • Completely revamped CMS Image stack! Circular images, borders, new sizing controls. It can also bring in images from feeds, galleries, and blog posts
  • Gallery reordering is here! Simply drag and drop your images into place in the admin area. This applies to Blog Galleries as well.
  • Default alt tags can now be user defined or can be auto-generated based on the meta tags of the image. You can place in the filename, title, caption and copyright information directly into the alt tags.
  • New Featured images for Galleries and Blog Galleries. This allows users to set a featured image that can affect the blog and gallery layouts through their content stacks.

More Updates

  • Ability to hide first or last image in Gallery and Blog Gallery.
  • When image uploads fail, the error is added to a tooltip when you hover over the red X.
  • Galleries and Blog Galleries now keep the original file name that was uploaded. Well, the name is massaged a little bit. Only letters, dashes and underscores are allowed. Its also made lowercase.
  • For the image copy paths lightbox on the admin page, the preview of the image is also loaded into the lightbox.
  • The Gallery content stack can now display galleries from Feeds and Blogs.
  • New Image settings (sizing, circle, etc) migrated to Gallery, Blog Image and Blog Gallery stacks.
  • EXIF data is now stored when images are uploaded to galleries. This data is only stored at this time.



  • Automated workflow for Blog Post URLs. Setting up pretty URLs could not be easier.
  • New Blog extra content field. Generic text area to make things even more flexible.
  • allows you to easily migrate your blogs into Total CMS. Supports Tumblr now. More coming soon.

More Updates

  • You can add a custom Post View Page in Blog List (this is only recommended if you have multiple post view pages in your project.)
  • Removed post URL warning from Blog List stack since its no longer required to be set. You should be using the setting in the Blog Form stack instead.
  • Fix for when commas and other characters are used in the author and other blog fields.
  • Blog Filter Links can now have just year be displayed
  • Blog Filter improved styling and alignment options
  • Blog List can now be sorted alphabetically.
  • New setting for not excluding posts from the Blog List on the Blog Post page.
  • New Blog List HTML stack allows you to add custom HTML into the Blog List template
  • New setting to disable links on Titles in the Blog List
  • Max Images setting added to Blog Post Gallery

General fixes and enhancements

  • Admin Core stack will now warn you in Preview when the version of the CMS on your server is out of date.
  • Fix for video in Impact integration with depot and file.
  • Fixed various PHP errors that were discovered
  • Added some Max File Size logic checks to Depot.
  • Sort Depots by date
  • Admin Core got some edit mode styling to make it a bit more useful like Site Styles in Foundation.
  • Some misc errors and warnings resolved
  • Alt + S should no longer trigger save on Windows
  • Wistia Support for videos
  • The delay between saves when using the save button hsa been removed.
  • Updated Hipwig libraries with bug fixes
  • Misc style fixes for some themes
  • improved uplaoding of large image files
  • Input placeholder ghosting fixed in Safari

v1.2.7 (8/26/2016)

  • Fix a bunch of style issues on non-Foundation themes
  • Some fixes for the Comments 2 integration with blog
  • The Post View Page setting has been removed from Blog List. Its now automated.
  • Resolved some PHP errors when the wrong cms ID is defined for a blog.
  • Updated and optimized Hipwig libraries.

v1.2.6 (8/24/2016)

  • Blog permalinks are now taken into account for search results. They also take the highest precedent
  • Improved the document root detection on web servers. Take that Strato!
  • New setting for alignment of the Blog Filter Links
  • Integration with the upcoming Comments 2 stack and blog

v1.2.5 (8/5/2016)

  • Fix for Hipwig file and image uploads

v1.2.4 (8/3/2016)

You must republish all files in order to publish the updated CMS to your server.

  • Support for the new Today 2.0 stack
  • RSS feed no longer adds author field since that requires an email address.
  • Fix Hipwig toolbar dividers
  • Improved Debug stack output
  • Added more logging to Hipwig image and file uploads
  • Fixed PHP warning in preview with Blog List
  • Project theme designers can now add stacks.totalcmsdemo = true; into the JavaScript tab in the page inspector on Admin pages. This will allow you to publish a demo of the admin page, however, users will not be able to actually modify or save any new content. Backup your cms-data folder just in case though! :-)

v1.2.3 (7/26/2016)

You must republish all files in order to publish the updated CMS to your server.

  • Fixed incorrect warning about CMS Core with Blog Admin List stack
  • More debugging output added to debugger + PHP version checker
  • Fixed conflicts with oh-so-fun-hosts like GoDaddy and Strato
  • Fixed PHP error with blog posts that had no gallery images
  • Fixed inline link floats with Blog Filter Links
  • When a post is not found, you can now redirect or display custom content
  • Hidden permalink fields stay hidden on edit now

v1.2.2 (7/21/2016)

  • Better Blog Link List inline styling

v1.2.1 (7/21/2016)

  • New CMS Core warning to help you know when you forgot to add the CMS Core stack to the page
  • Improved EXIF php function exist tests
  • The Text Admin stack now has the ability to set as a password field. This will make the actual text not viewable. However, there is a preview text toggle icon. This will work great for the new integration with the PageSafe stack.
  • Blog Link Lists can now be made inline
  • Tooltip improvements with more instructions
  • Blog Links now has a History option to list links to your posts by month and year.

v1.2.0 (7/14/2016)

MAJOR UPDATE: Please review the release notes and watch video overview

  • BLOG IS HERE! Total CMS blog is defintely a new game changer for the RapidWeaver community. There are many videos on our YouTube channel about the new blog feature. Here are some blog feature highlights:
    • Display blog listings in a full customizable layouts
    • Support for multiple blogs on a single site
    • Filter blog posts by category, tag and author
    • Search blog posts with ease
    • RSS Feed for blog posts
    • Sitemap.xml file generated with all blog posts. This makes it easy for Google to find all of your posts.
    • Every blog post can have its own image gallery.
    • Add images inline with your post content.
    • SEO and Social meta tags are automatically generated for each blog post.
  • Important! New CMS Core stack needs to be added to every CMS page
  • Big update with RapidWeaver 7 support
  • New Date Admin form to save dates to the CMS. Control the new Tardis v1.1 update.
  • New text macros are now more powerful and faster than ever. There is a new syntax for macros. The older syntax will still work, however, its recommended that you move to the new macros syntax as soon as possible. The old syntax may be removed in a future update.
  • Hipwig has been improved with colors, fullscreen edit, code view, character counter
  • You can now upload images and files directly inside Hipwig.
  • PUT and DELETE http methods are no longer required on the server
  • Improvements to full screen markdown editor
  • New Debug stack provides information to help you debug CMS issues. You can also add the output of the cms.log to see all of the last transactions and possible errors that happen.
  • Text stack now integrates with Foundation and Font Pro styles
  • Style improvements with a bunch of themes
  • Gallery frames can now be styled
  • Fixed CSV file upload
  • Fixed issues with Square Images on mobile in some situations
  • Fixed feed align image left with no flow text.
  • Fixes for misc php warnings
  • Impact feed integration thumbnails fixed
  • Fixed YouTube issue with dashes in video id
  • New CMS Gallery Integration stack for 3rd party developers. Make sure to check out the integrations page.
  • Jpegs are now saved as progressive JPEG for faster downloading
  • Added Ken Burns effects to remaining Impact integrations
  • Improved Image upload reliability with image that are not properly encoded jpegs
  • Better unicode support for umlet characters

v1.1.7 (2/8/2016)

  • Fixed issue with regsitering new Total CMS passports

v1.1.6 (2/5/2016)

  • Moved passport check to only use https. Some hosts do not seem to handle the redirect from http.
  • Fixed Cheatsheet

v1.1.5 (1/12/2016)

  • Preparation for improved Total CMS v1.2 support for HTTPS. Please republish all files.

<<<<<<< HEAD

v1.1.4 (12/27/2015)


v1.1.4 (12/28/2015)

  • Fix for passport checking failing on some servers after 30 days >>>>>>> develop

v1.1.3 (11/13/2015)

  • Select Show stack works on publish and not just in RapidWeaver. Oops…
  • Fix for Hipwig and new Alert box when used in a lightbox

v1.1.2 (11/9/2015)

  • Fixed missing CSV option from File stack
  • Total Impact integration now supports Image, File and Depot. This includes VIDEO!
  • File icon color settings for File and Depot stacks

v1.1.1 (11/6/2015)

  • Fix for registration window disappearing inside RapidWeaver preview
  • You can now use the following markdown syntax to open windows in a new tab or window
    • [an example]( "external")
    • [an example]( "_blank")

v1.1.0 (11/05/2015)

  • Resolved some conflicts which woudl cuase hipwig not to load admin contents
  • Total CMS Feed + Gallery integration with Impact
  • Base url fix for project files migrated from older versions of RapidWeaver
  • Resolved preview issues when only the Gallery content stack is on the page
  • Added Foundation Site Styles support to CMS Text stack when using Markdown formatting
  • Fixed some PHP warnings that were showing up in cms.log
  • Improved image lightbox, especially for portrait and square images
  • You can now drag and drop mutliple images and files into Galleries and Depots
  • Image uploaded from iOS devices will be properly rotated
  • Image/File upload contextual menu opens up properly on tap as you would expect
  • New option for Feed item height inside the Admin Feed List stack
  • New shuffle option for Slideshows
  • New advanced Hipwig settings for choosing text format menu options
  • You can now load the thumbnail automatically on mobile devices for Image and Impact stacks
  • More alignment and style options for Image stack
  • Fix for uploading mp4 and mp3 files
  • New Toggle Stacks! Easy give control to show and hide content
  • Fix for gigantic images in the admin interface in Firefox after upload
  • New Select Show content stack to show and hide content based on the content in a CMS field
  • Hipwig toolbar can now be made static
  • Hipwig improvements on mobile
  • You can now define dividers in the Hipwaig toolbar
  • New Pro Settings for Hipwig provide mor epowerful adn flexible layout options. Careful of that syntax though!
  • Resolved some licensing confusion when downgrading from Total CMS to Easy CMS. You will need to remove all Total CMS content from cms-data if you want to downgrade.
  • New alert boxes that can be fixed to the top of the browser. These are more apparent than the small check notices added to text boxes.
  • Fixed forced file downloads

v1.0.7 (10/15/2015)

  • Image stack will now properly set the page to be PHP.
  • The Feeds stack will now properly import CMS styles with no other CMS stacks are on the page.
  • Redirect URL inside Protect can now be set to an RW page.
  • Markdown toolbar link button will not properly insert mailto links.
  • Increased gallery z-index
  • Update hipwig editor libraries
  • You can double click hipwig editor in order to show the tooltip menu
  • Videos embeded with hipwig are now responsive

v1.0.6 (10/1/2015)

  • Finally discovered and fixed the Protect stack refresh loop bug

v1.0.5 (10/1/2015)

  • Fixed style issue with lists inside feed text
  • Resolved saving issues with hipwig
  • Edits in fullscreen mode mark text box as unsaved again
  • New setting in admin core to adjust how the enter key is interpretted

v1.0.4 (9/18/2015)

  • New Admin Select stack to provide pre-defined text content/snippets. This has been lightly tested. Please let me know feedback…

v1.0.3 (9/18/2015)

  • You can now place the Total Text stack anywhere on the page and it will work.
  • Hipwig editor got some updates and bug fixes.
  • You can now modify what buttons are displayed in Hipwig

v1.0.2 (9/8/2015)

  • Fixed image lightbox in non-Foundation themes
  • You can now have apostrophes inside the Feed description
  • Improved admin image loading
  • Fixed some jumpy behavior in Edit Mode

v1.0.1 (9/6/2015)

  • The Protect stack works now. No more constant reloading
  • Added CSV file support to Total File
  • Added opacity support to Gallery color options
  • Much improved Read More settings for Feeds. You may need to redo some of you existing insances
  • New domain check on published Admin pages. It verifes that the published domain is the actual domain configured inside the project
  • Erase formating for Italic works better now
  • Other various bug fixes

v1.0.0 (9/4/2015)

  • Initial Public Pre-release