Admin Core Settings

Total CMS - Registration

  • Register CMS: (button) Enable the registration interface for TotalCMS
    • Default: [false]
  • Info: You can turn this off once you have successfully registered in Preview Mode
  • License: (input) The license number that you received when you purchased Total CMS. This will also be used as an API key so secure the communications with the CMS.
    • Default:

Admin Core - Styles

  • Foundation: (select) Total CMS leverages some Foundation libraries. These will not be loaded if you already are already using the theme. Its recommended not to set this as Auto.
    • Default: Auto Checker
    • Possible Values:
      • Auto Checker
      • Yes, I am using Foundation
      • No, I am not using Foundation :-(

  • Main Colors: (color-4) Colors for text boxes
    • Allows Opacity: true
  • Buttons: (color-2) Colors for form buttons
    • Allows Opacity: true
  • Action Bar: (color-2) Colors for form action bars
    • Allows Opacity: true
  • Dropzone Icons: (color) Colors for the dropzone icons
    • Allows Opacity: true

  • Input Sizing: (number-4) Sizing for form input boxes.
    • Default: [0.9, 2.3, 0.5, 1]rem
    • Min Value: 0rem
    • Max Value: 100rem
  • Input Border: (number-2) Border sizing for form input boxes.
    • Default: [1, 0]px
    • Min Value: 0px
    • Max Value: 100px

Total CMS - Alerts

  • Banner Alerts: (button) Enable the banner success and error alerts on form save.
    • Default: [false]

Admin Core - Hipwig

  • On Enter Key: (select) What to add to the code when the enter key is pressed
    • Default: Paragraph
    • Possible Values:
      • Paragraph: Add new p tags with each enter key
      • Line Break: Add new br tags with each enter key
  • Toolbar: (select) How to display the toolbar
    • Default: Static
    • Possible Values:
      • Inline
      • Static
  • Quick Insert: (select) Turn on the Quick Insert toolbar
    • Default: Enable
    • Possible Values:
      • Enable
      • Disable
  • Remove