Target Release Notes

v2.0.0 (4/23/2019)

  • Completely revamped version of Target. We really hit the bullseye with this version.
  • Exisitng Target stacks will continue to work but will show as Legacy
  • Completely reimagined interface that is more powerful and easier to use.
  • By default, add background content inside of Target and it will take care of everything. No more 1 column stacks required.
  • New Pin positioning makes it easy to pin Target to the edge of the browser
  • New Shift options let you easily use Taget to overlay content on top of each other.
  • Advanced Float and positioning options are still available.
  • Better layout controls for adjusting the width and height of Target
  • Ability to see where Target is taking up space on your page. No more guessing if Target is covering a button or link.
  • Custom Breakpoint positioning
  • Hide on page Scroll down
  • Call to Action integration
  • Target the content only when the stack has gone outside of the viewport.

v1.8.0 (10/15/2018)

  • New mobile only condition for targeting stacks

v1.7.1 (3/22/2018)

  • Changed the default width of Target to be Fill.
  • Small code updates just to clean things up

v1.7.0 (10/4/2016)

  • There is now a width auto setting. I can’t believe that I never added this before. Its actually the new default width option.

v1.6.2 (12/30/2015)

  • Fix for resizing issues in cirtain situations

v1.6.1 (8/13/2015)

  • Updated tags for better organization in Stacks 3 library
  • New icons for Stacks 3 library

1.6.0 3/5/2015

  • Added new height controls for static and flexible heights

1.5.3 1/29/2015

  • Resolved some class conflicts with Foundation

1.5.2 1/29/2015

  • Removed debug statements form last release… need more coffee today…

1.5.1 1/29/2015

  • The new condition based on browser height now also gets re-evaluated after the browser has been resized.

1.5.0 1/28/2015

  • Added option to disable the positioning on Mobile devices
  • z-index can now be negative.

1.4.2 11/24/2014

  • Reduced the CSS footprint when multiple stacks are added to a page.
  • Fixed conflict when both horizontal and vertical centering is used.

1.4.1 9/23/2014

  • If z-index is set to 0, then it will be auto. Also set as default now.
  • Horizontal center option
  • Removed all comments from code
  • New meta tags for stack version tracking
  • Getting ready for ************ launch

1.4.0 7/7/2014

  • If z-index is set to 0, then it will be auto. Also set as default now.
  • Horizontal center option

1.3.0 4/21/2014

  • New option to Vertically align content.
  • Major code cleanup so should eliminate any edit mode slowness.
  • Now requires Stacks 2.5

1.2.1 3/18/2014

  1. Added !important to the positioning for instances when PlusKit is importing a Stacks page below the target stack.

1.2.0 (10/10/2013)

  1. Rotation! You can not rotate your stack content within the target area.

1.1.0 (8/29/2013)

  1. Improved the look in edit mode so that the targets at least go to the left/right of the stack.
  2. Added Width options. This should make things a lot easier to work with.
  3. Added Relative to Browser option.

v1.0.0 (08/12/2013)

  1. Initial public release.