Tabulous - Setting Up Cross Linking

You can use Cross Linking in Tabulous 2 to have tabs that are images. It is very simple to do, just follow these instructions.

  1. Depending on the type of theme you are using, and the number of images, but set up your images into a column (either static or responsive).

  2. Set up your Tabulous stack.

  3. Once your Tabulous is set up, you need to be sure that you also choose the Customize ID for your tabulous stack. In the demo project file, we have choosen “cross-link” for our custom ID, but you can choose whatever ID you want.

  4. Now you need to link the images to the appropriate tabs. This is very simple. Each link for each tab will follow this example:
    You will also have to add some code to the links.
    Each link will need a custom attribute with a Name of “data-liquidslider-ref” and the Value of “tabulous-myid”. See the image below for a reference:

  5. Set each image link accordingly.

You can see how Joe does this by downloading the Demo Project File that comes on the Tabulous 2 disk image here

Video Tutorial