Sweet Button Release Notes

v2.5.6 (7/11/2017)

  • Fixed formatting issues with last update

v2.5.5 (7/7/2017)

  • Fixed conflict with Foundation in icon only mode.

v2.5.4 (4/26/2016)

  • Update to Google’s latest event tracking snippet

v2.5.3 (3/16/2016)

  • Fix conflict with some themes with button text color

v2.5.2 (8/28/2015)

  • Updated to latest Google event tracking code. If you are still using the old GA code on your site, you may need to start using the new tracking code. You can get this from Google.
  • Color settings now has opacity
  • Updated default style to be a bit more modern and flat

v2.5.1 (8/13/2015)

  • Updated tags for better organization in Stacks 3 library
  • New icons for Stacks 3 library

2.5.0 7/19/2015

This version now requires Stacks 3.

  • Font Awesome is now loaded by Stacks 3. This will ensure that all stack (not only ours) load the same exact Font Awesome library.

2.4.10 3/3/2015

  • Fix for relative file paths with new Font Awesome loader

2.4.9 2/26/2015

  • Font Awesome libs are now load asynchronously for faster page load times!

2.4.8 1/22/2015

  • Updated to Font Awesome 4.3.0 (for real this time)

2.4.7 1/22/2015

  • Updated to Font Awesome 4.3.0

2.4.6 11/12/2014

  • Fixed issues with clicked state icons in some themes.

2.4.5 9/25/2014

  • Restored Font Awesome 3 backwards compatibility. You may need to reset your icons for it to take affect.

2.4.4 9/23/2014

  • Removed all comments from code
  • New meta tags for stack version tracking
  • Getting ready for ************ launch

2.4.3 9/11/2014

IMPORTANT You will need to reconfigure the icons inside the buttons. This is becuase Font Awesome icon names have changed in v4.

  • Updated to Font Awesome 4.2.0
  • Better optimized loading of Font Awesome

2.4.2 4/7/2014

  1. Ensured that visited link styles do not affect Sweet Button font color.

2.4.1 4/2/2014

  • Updated links in settings to Font Awesome 3.2.1 icons

2.4.0 (6/28/2013)

  1. When using Fixed Width buttons, you now need to also configure the width of the icon. Default: 20px. You may need to tweak some of your fuxed width buttons after this update.

2.3.0 (6/18/2013)


  1. Font Awesome is now the only icon set available. If this pisses you off, don’t update.
  2. The icons on existing Sweet Button stacks will need to be re-setup. Sorry.
  3. HUGE speed improvements both within RapidWeaver and on your websites.
  4. The stack was reduced from 1.3MB down to just 84KB. Published code is 75% smaller with no loss in functionality!
  5. Font Awesome is loaded via a CDN for great performance across your site. However, this means that it will require an internet connection to preview the icons within RapidWeaver.
  6. Fixed issues with shadow getting cut off with icon only buttons.
  7. New Settings for adding border colors to the button. You can define different borders colors for Normal and Click state.
  8. New setting to define text size for mobile devices. breakpoint: 500px

2.2.0 (5/29/2013)

  1. Added the ability to customize the name of the cookie created when persisting the click state.

2.1.0 (1/30/2013)

  1. Font Awesome v3.0 is here. You can now use all the Font Awesome 3.0 goodness inside your Sweet Buttons.
  2. Link attributes are now enclosed in double quotes. This will fix issues with using single quotes in attributes such as onclick.
  3. New info setting that warns users not to use Relative to Website Address with Sweet Button. I recommend Relative to DOCROOT.

2.0.5 (12/14/2012)

  1. All JW stacks have taken a diet. They are all leaner and meaner. This will provide you with faster page download times. Enjoy!
  2. Other small fixes and enhancements may apply
  3. We have been quiet for a few months. That can mean only one thing, watch out for 2013. Big things are coming!
  4. Happy Holidays from Joe, Rob and Tron

2.0.4 (12/13/2012)

  1. All JW stacks have taken a diet. They are all leaner and meaner. This will provide you with faster page download times. Enjoy!
  2. Other small fixes and enhancements may apply…
  3. We’ve been quiet for a few months. That can mean only one thing, watch out for 2013. Big things are coming!
  4. Happy Holidays from Joe, Rob and Tron


  1. Fixed! Fixed instances where the theme’s font is not properly inherited.


  1. Fixed! Google Event Tracking Labels work better now.


  1. Fixed! Fixed conflicts with multiple buttons on a page.


  1. New! Font Awesome support brings 220 new icons to use. That brings the total to over 400 icons!
  2. New! Support for Google Analytics Event Tracking.
  3. New! Ability to change font family for button label.
  4. Update! The icon font files are now deployed centrally for your entire website. This will improve site performance as the browser can cache a single font file.
  5. Update! The icon is no longer interpreted by screen readers and webpage translators.
  6. Update! You can now make wider buttons.
  7. Update! Code clean up and optimization.

IMPORTANT! Because of the new stack optimizations, you will need to redefine your button icons on existing stacks.


  1. New! Option for text alignment in the button.
  2. New! New simple top-down gradient style.
  3. New! New advanced top-down gradient style where you can define 2 custom color for the gradient.
  4. New! Ability to define cookie expiration for clicked state persistence.
  5. New! Ability to clear the clicked styles of all Sweet Buttons on the page when the current button is clicked. This will only affect the styles, not the content of the other buttons. This is a great feature if you want to use Sweet Button to build a menu.
  6. Fixed! Icon Set 2 list is now sorted alphabetically.
  7. Fixed! You can now use single quotes in the button text.


  1. Fixed! This update fixes Stacks v2.1 compatibility. This is my fault for being overzealous with the API. Its nothing that YourHead has changed. Sorry.


  1. New! Checkbox setting “Form Submit” now lets Sweet Button submit your forms. You can use this in your own custom forms or in FormSnap from Yabdab. With FormSnap, you must turn off uniform styling for buttons.
  2. New! 22 different custom cursors to choose from.
  3. New! New icon set adds 92 new icons!
  4. New! Reorganized settings into groups for clarity.
  5. Fixed! Fixed inconsistencies in settings where click state would be used even when it looked to be disabled.


  1. Fixed! Removed native tiptip support by default. To add it back in simply set the class of the link to “tiptip”
  2. Fixed! Reduced button margins to 0 by default. You can add you own custom margins via the default stack settings.
  3. Fixed! The buttons can touch each other when drop shadow is turned off. This will allow users to build out simple navigation links.
  4. Update! Increased font size maximum so that you can make even bigger buttons!


  1. Update! Ability to add an ID attribute to the link and have it be assigned to the button. This is useful to use with the new SpecialFx stack.
  2. Update! Added native support for the TipTip stack. Just need to add a title attribute to the link.


  1. New! Setting to toggle click state on/off each time the button is clicked.
  2. New! Settings to animate the button on page load! Over 20 new settings to support this! The animation stops once the button is clicked.


  1. New! Setting to adjust the color of the text shadow.


  1. Fixed! The icon preview now works even when icons are set to None.


  1. Fixed! Fixed web info link.


  1. Update! The fixed width setting now affects just the label area. The reason for this was to allow for the label text to be centered.


  1. New! You can now set the button to a fixed width.
  2. New! Added more support for link attributes. It now supports: class, rel, title, tabindex, onclick, media (html5), and type (html5).


  1. New! You can now create sweet button with just the icon.
  2. New! You can now adjust the shadow blur size.
  3. Update! The Hide Shadow option has been changed to Show Shadow setting.


  1. Fixed! Link classes were not getting properly inserted.
  2. Fixed! The default button state no longer scrolls to the top of the page.
  3. New! Ability to move the icon on the left or right. It can also be completely hidden.
  4. New! There are now 3 color styles: Simple, Two Tone and Candy.
  5. New! You can now hide the drop shadow.
  6. New! You can now persist button click state! Even after page reload.
  7. New! Disable the button link after the user has already clicked on it.


  1. New! Initial public release.