Sweet Button - View Cart button with Cartloom

This lesson will teach you how to get the Sweet Button stack to work as an view cart button for cartloom.

Code Snippet tab in Cartloom

In your cartloom admin console, edit the product in question and go to the Code Snippets tab.

Get your Cartloom JS code

Copy the Cartloom Javascript code highlighted above.

Add Cartloom JS to Header

Paste the Cartloom JS code into the Header tab in your Page Inspector. However, you will want to add &nojq=1 to the end of the url as shown above. Below is an example. (Do not use the below code on your site)
<script type="text/javascript" id="cljs" src="https://joeworkman.cartloom.com/cart/cl?dr=1&ol=1&nojq=1"></script>

Set Cartloom link inside Sweet Button

You will needt to add the class attribute and set it to ydcl-viewcart. If you do not add the class, your view cart will not work!

Click on Set Link and you are good to go!