Share It Basic Setup

  1. When you drag your Share It Cirlces Stack out, you will see the above stack appear on your page.
  2. UPDATE - With the 2.0.0 update to the stack, your existing instances of the stack will need to be completely redone. This is necessary in order to make things better. Sorry about this, but this udpate will be well worth it!
  3. Determine the number of circles you want. You can add as many as you like, but be reasonable, too many will obviously not work.
  4. Now you need to drag the Share It Icons stack in the cicrlces that are in the Share It Circles stack.
  5. Adjust the colors for the buttons, or even add a patterned background if you want. You can even add text in the big center button if you want.

    Choose Custom Text, and your stack can look like this:
  6. Now preview and enjoy! For an summary of the remaining settings please refer to the Share It Settings section.