Style Cells in PowerGrid and PowerGrid CSV

You can target specific cells with PowerGrid to style them with CSS. Every cell in the table gets a row and column class. For example the very first cell in the table will get the following classes: row0 & col0.

You will notice that the numbers start at 0. So the second cell in the first row will get these classes: row0 col1.

We can use CSS to target an entire row, an entire column or a single cell… You only need to customize the row/col number to style what you want on the table.

// All cells in row 0 .row0{background-color:red}

// All cells in column 0 .col0{background-color:red}

// The one cell at row0 col0 .row0.col0{background-color:red}

You want to add this code to either the Page Inspector under the CSS tab or to the Site Wide Code (if you are using RapidWeaver 6). You can use different color variations, Hexidecimal (#123456) and RGB (20,20,20).

Now go forth and make your websites great!