Power Grid CSV - Working with Google Spreadsheets

This FAQ will show you how you can host a spreadsheet on Google Docs and get it to integrate with the Power Grid CSV stack.

Create your Spreadsheet on Google.


Publish your spreadsheet to the web

  1. Be sure to share the spreadsheet by clicking on the blue Share button on the upper right side of the browser.

Google Spreadsheet

When you click on the blue Share button in the upper right of the sheet, you will see the following window appear.

Google Spreadsheet Share Window

When this window pops up, you want to find the word Advanced in the lower right corner. When you do that, the window will change to this:

Google Spreadsheet Share Window

You will want to change where it says Private, so click on the word Change. Doing so will again change the window, to this:

Google Spreadsheet Share Window

When this window appears, you will want to change it from Off to On - Public on the web and click on the blue save button. When this happens, it will bring you back to the original share screen, just click on the Done button and your sheet is ready to share.

After you are done creating your spreadsheet, you will want to go up into where the URL is in the browser. You will need to get some part of the URL.

Google URL

In the image above, you will want to look for this part:


This is your unique code for the spreadsheet, it will be different for each and every Google Spreadsheet you make. You want to take the unique code on your spreadsheet and enter it into this URL that you will use in Power Grid CSV:


Put your code in the URL above where it says your_unique_code and then paste the eniter URL in the Power Grid CSV stack settings. In my example above, the URL would be this:


In fact, you can test that URL out if you want, it is a basic spreadsheet that I quickly made for this FAQ. When you do and preview, it should look like this in your project:

Power Grid Preview in Tesla Theme

You can now paste your URL into Power Grid CSV stack settings. Preview and enjoy!!!!

Now go forth and make your websites great!