1. Create your CSV file in Excel or Numbers or other Spreadsheet app.
  2. Either drop it in the resources area on the left side of the Rapidweaver App or upload it with an FTP App to your server and get the URL for that location.
  3. Add a PG-CSV stack to your page and link your stack to your file.
  4. Then in the PowerGrid CSV - Setup settings in the stack, find the checkbox marked Searchable Table and check it.
  5. Your stack settings will now have some new areas to edit.
  6. The edit area of Rapidweaver will change it’s look.
  7. In the settings, make any changes to Search Alignment and Search Label as you see fit.
  8. Publish and enjoy the search field.

We hope this FAQ has helped you add to your Power Grid CSV stack. Now Go Forth and Make Your Websites Great!