KnockExplorer Release Notes

v1.1.2 (8/13/2015)

  • Updated tags for better organization in Stacks 3 library
  • New icons for Stacks 3 library

1.1.1 9/23/2014

  • Removed all comments from code
  • New meta tags for stack version tracking
  • Getting ready for ************ launch

1.1.0 (8/30/2013)

  1. You can now drop any stack that you want into Knock Explorer, not just HTML. Caution: remember that you are targeting older IE browsers, so plan your content accordingly.
  2. You can not specify if you want the content to hide or show in IE.

WARNING: If you have existing instances of v1.0 in use, this update will completely break it. You will need to redo the stack again. Sorry.

v1.0.0 (08/30/2013)

  1. Initial Public Release.