Cropped images and Impact

Many people want to know why Impact crops images. Impact defines the container size and fits the content with it. Its not like traditional sliders that allow the content to define the size of the slider.

If your content is proportionally larger than the container created by Impact then it will be crop accordingly. It is normal that the image will get cropped at some place. There are ways around this though. Follow these instructions to learn how.

  1. Find the Impact - Setup settings and look for the Size Setting.
    Impact Setup Settings

  2. Click on the Size Setting and choose Proportional.
    Impact Size Settings

  3. Once you choose Prportional, you will get a new setting, Aspect Ratio. You will want to choose Custom.
    Impact Size Settings

  4. Once you choose custom, a new setting will appear, and you will want to enter the ratio of your image. It is best to get the lowest ratio if possible, not necessary.

Now you should be good to go, remember though, depending on the rest of your settings, and the screen size, the image might still get cropped at certain screensizes.

Now go forth and make your websites great!