Basic Setup

Impact Stack in Rapidweaver

  1. When you drag your Impact Stack out, you will see the above stack appear on your page.
  2. Inside of the Impact Stack, you will see the Impact Image Slide. Below the Image Slide, you will see a blue circle with a plus inside it. This is how you add new image slides to the page, but also a way to add a Video Slide or the Impact Controls.
    Impact Child of Settings
  3. Most of the settings are in the Impact stack and not the Impact Image or Impact Video stacks. Lets review some of the major stack settings.
  4. Impact Setup Settings
    Impact Setup Settings
    Foreground - Allows for content to float above the image on all slides.
    Size - Allows you to set the size of Impact Image/Video.
    Remove After Scroll - Allows you to remove the image after you scroll down.
    Minimum Height - Sets a minimum height for the image.
  5. Impact Animation Settings
    Impact Animation Settings

  6. Now preview and enjoy! For an summary of the remaining settings please refer to the Cookie Jar Settings section.

Now go forth and make your websites great!