Global Content - Do all stacks work inside Global Content?

Obviously, I cannot guarantee that every stack out there will be imported properly. However, we have tested a lot of stacks (not just my own) and we have gotten all of them to work so far. We have documented some of the known issues and work arounds for some stacks below.


The MegaMenu stack from Seydesign is a perfect fit to use with Global Content. This is because you probably want to have the same menu across your entire site. Before you have to copy and paste the stack onto every page. If you ever wanted to change the menu at all, you would then have to go through each and every page to make the change. Now with Glboal Content, you can import the menu into every single Stacks page with ease.

There is a known issue with Global Content and MegaMenu with IE8. When used the menus will persist their hover color styles even after you are no longer hovering over them. The reason this happens is complex and wont be gone into here. The workaround is the simple use the Houdini stack. Place MegaMenu inside Houdini at the bottom of the page and then import it to the top of your page using a custom div or extraContent area.


A lot of the FreeStack stacks use theme API macros and therefore need to be placed on the individual pages. When the page is published RapidWeaver interprets the macros into HTML and publishes the page. In the instance of the breadcrumb stack, the HTML for the trail will be to the global page. If you were to import that into other pages using GC, the HTML would not change.

So if the FreeStack stack relies on page specific data, chances are that it wont work in Global Content.


We have had reports from people that this stack does not work with Global Content and other reports that users have been able to get it to work, you will have to try it out for yourself. We can not guarantee it will work.

Now go forth and make your websites great!