Global Content Release Notes

v1.3.3 (10/17/2016)

  • No longer starts php sessions

v1.3.2 (8/13/2015)

  • Updated tags for better organization in Stacks 3 library
  • New icons for Stacks 3 library

1.3.1 3/27/2015

  • New setting to tweak the padding of Global Import in preview.

1.3.0 12/19/2014

NOTE: Please restart RapidWeaver after this update in order for everything to work properly.

  • Global Import no longer displays PHP in preview. Instead is displays the preview box instead.
  • Simplified the preview settings.

1.2.4 9/23/2014

  • Removed all comments from code
  • New meta tags for stack version tracking
  • Getting ready for ************ launch

1.2.3 3/4/2014

  1. Resolved an issue with importing stacks that use the new Stacks 2.5 page scoped HTML api.

1.2.2 (2/6/2014)

  1. Improved error handling when the Global Content file cannot be located.

1.2.1 (1/13/2014)

  1. Resolved conflicts when importing Stacks and PageLime Stacks pages that had dashes in the path or page name.

1.2.0 (12/27/2013)

  1. Since a majority of users only import other Stacks pages, there is a new Global Import Lite stack. This stack only support importing of other Stacks pages. The reason that this stack exists is purely to reduce the number of files that get published with the site.

1.1.0 (08/26/2013)

  1. Global Content should now work with stacks that use jQuery UI such as SpecialFx.
  2. Performance improvements on parsing and processing the global content.
  3. New settings that allow you to label and highlight the Global Import regions within Edit and Preview modes.
  4. Global Content that contains PHP code should now load more reliably and faster.
  5. Global Content now works perfectly with PageLime v2.4.0 stacks as the Global Content. You can now change the central Global content page via PageLime and the new content will be refelcted immediately on all of the pages the import it.
  6. Resolved issues where global content page resources would not get updated on the imported pages.
  7. Improvements on importing other 3rd party stacks.
  8. You can now import the following built-in RapidWeaver pages:
    • Contact Form
    • Photo Album
    • File Sharing
    • Movie Album
    • Sitemap
  9. You can now import the following 3rd party pages:
    • WeaverPix
    • WeaverBox
    • Formloom
    • Dateloom
    • RapidMaps
    • RapidCart
    • RapidSearch
    • RapidSearch Pro
    • FAQMaker

v1.0.0 (07/26/2013)

  1. Initial Public Release.