Global Content - Using the Contact Form

We have had a few people who have had issues getting the Rapidweaver stock Contact form to work with Global content, to do this you need to follow some basic guidelines listed below.

  1. Be sure that the filenames for both pages are the same. So if you name your Contact form contact.php, you also need to name the stacks page you are importing the Contact form on contact.php. The most preferred way would be to name each page index.php, and have them in different folders.
    Stacks Page Inspector

    Contact Form Page Inspector

  2. Since both filenames are going to be the same, they MUST be in separate folders. We believe something like this is ideal, but you can set up your own structure:
    For the Contact Page: with a filename of index.php
    For the Stacks Page importing the Contact Page: with a file name of index.php

  3. Be sure change the Contact page theme to Blank by using the page inspector, clicking on the Styles Tab and choosing the Blank theme in the Page-Specific Theme section.