Changing the theme of one page

When using our Global Content, you want to change the theme from the theme you are using, to the Blank theme that comes with Global Content (unless you are already using a blank style theme, like Foundation). This tutorial will show you how to change the theme just for the page you need to.

  1. Do NOT go to the theme drawer and change the theme there, as this will change the theme for the entire project.

    Theme Drawer RapidWeaver 6

  2. The first thing you need to do is open the Page Inspector in RapdidWeaver.

    Page Inspector RapidWeaver 6

  3. Once this is open, you will want to find the theme settings. Then you will need to uncheck the Use Master Style checkbox.

    Page Inspector and Theme Settings

  4. Now find the Page-Specific Theme setting and click on the selector. Now we want to find the blank theme and click on it. This will set this one page to the Blank theme. Now you can set up your Global Content stack for this page. Enjoy!

    Page Specific Theme Setting

Now go forth and make your websites great!