Global Content Basic Setup

The Global Content stacks consist of two stacks: Global Content and Global Import. The Global Content stack will contain all of the stack content that you would like to become your Global Content. You place a Global Import stack wherever you want to import Global Content from another page.

Note: You must publish your RapidWeaver project in order to this stack to function. All of the magic happens on the server.

A sample project file is included in the Resources folder of the disk image.

Setting up your Global Content

In this section we will review how to setup a page that will contain your global content.

  1. Create a new Stacks page and make sure that it is not included in your menu.
  2. Add the Global Content stack to your page.
  3. Add the content that you would like to be global into the stack.
  4. Optional: Apply the Blank theme to your global page as a page specific theme. Get more details on the Blank Theme.

Note: You can only have one Global Content stack per page. If you have more, only the first stack will be read.

Importing your Global Content

In this section we will review how to import your global content.

  1. On your Stacks page, add the Global Import stack to the page. It should be added directly where you would like to have your content imported to.
  2. In the Global Import setting, point the link setting to the page that contains your global stack content.
  3. Rather, rinse and repeat as many times as you like on the page. However, its recommend that you keep the number of imports per page down to a minimum.
  4. Publish and enjoy!

For an overview of the remaining settings please refer to the Globatl Import Settings and the Global Import Lite Settings section.

Now go forth and make your websites great!