Foundation Release Notes

v1.8.6 (12/20/2018)

  • Fixed the reply to setting with the form mailer.

v1.8.5 (12/11/2018)

  • Fix for the To Address and Name fields for the 2nd Email options in Form Base.

v1.8.4 (12/5/2018)

  • Resolved some issues with new forms not publishing all libraries
  • Actually I took the time to completely re-optimaize all of the code that powers form mail and database interactions. Its pretty sweet now.
  • Please republish all files.

v1.8.3 (11/25/2018)

  • Fixed issues with Form Date Picker
  • Fixed issues with certain font family definitions in Site Styles

v1.8.2 (11/24/2018)

  • Fixed numerous JS conflicts that cropped up since 1.8.0
  • Fixed gap on full with button groups

v1.8.1 (11/21/2018)

  • Fixed issue where full width Button Groups broke onto newlines
  • Fixed issues with Megallan.

v1.8.0 (11/09/2018)

  • Updated all libraries to latest versions.
  • Updated to all latest Stacks 3.5 API.
  • Optimized stacks for better preformance on older machines.
  • Fixed Orbit bullet alignment
  • Don’t let the size of these release notes fool you. This version was a lot of work.

v1.7.16 (4/26/2017)

  • Google Font load checker. It warns you when there was an issue loading the defined Google Font.

v1.7.15 (4/20/2017)

  • Fixed JS warnings in preview console caused by Foundation version checker

v1.7.14 (1/13/2017)

  • Fixed conflict between Foundation forms and Total CMS on the same page
  • Fixed some minor edit mode styles with child stacks for the duck king

v1.7.13 (1/10/2017)

  • Fix for form db insert with PHP7
  • New option to turn off SMTP security in forms
  • Update PHPMailer with latest security patches
  • SMTP support added to email admin with db insert

v1.7.12 (12/16/2016)

  • Fix for Off Canvas on mobile devices
  • Fix for errors when db port is cleared in Form base
  • Fix for sub menus in Sub Nav stack

v1.7.11 (10/10/2016)

  • Off Canvas mobile menu fix (without FastClick library)
  • New Orbit setting to go to next slide on click

v1.7.10 (10/5/2016)

  • Form validation errors after submit should be squashed for good.
  • Off Canvas works better on mobile. If you are using that FastClick script hotfix, you can remove that now.
  • Top Bar mobile menu works when using hide until sticky
  • Fixed some style issues with Breadcrumbs
  • Fixed some inconsistent styles between edit and preview
  • Fix for SEO Rx header rule
  • Disabled next on click in Orbit

v1.7.9 (7/27/2016)

  • Fix for non-ajax custom form posts

v1.7.8 (7/18/2016)

  • Foundation Theme v1.7.3. The theme update is separate from the Stacks update.
  • More RTL (Right-to-Left) theme style and alignment fixes
  • Top Bar alignment fixes for RTL theme
  • Site Styles no longer contains any default stack settings or div wrappers
  • Off Canvas menu font control
  • Full width Button Groups now actually go full width
  • New preloader offset setting in Site Styles to assist in aligning the preloaders
  • Top Bar new hide until sticky setting for Sticky menu
  • New Australian States select option template for forms
  • Remove double images when JS is disabled in browser
  • Improved form reset after form are successfully submitted. Validation errors no longer show
  • Remove recaptcha data from form emails
  • Better error checking for PDO database insertion
  • Localized recaptcha
  • You can now add units to form sliders
  • You can now make checkboxes inline
  • Fix for header small segments inside alt color schemes
  • Reveal round corner settings now actually work
  • Reveal will always have square corners on mobile
  • Use Swatch colors for Tabs
  • Each Button in a Button Group can now have its own custom color scheme
  • Trigger window resize event whenever Reveal gets opened.

v1.7.7 (5/24/2016)

  • Foundation Theme v1.7.2. The theme update is separate from the Stacks update.
  • Top Bar fixed for RTL theme
  • New setting in Site Styles to toggle Reveal’s scrolling ability. Default reverts back to how it was before the last update.
  • Increase max font sizes for font settings in Site Styles
  • Fixed jumpy Top Bar when using sticky with custom sizing
  • Fixed Breadcrumb dividers
  • Fixed Off Canvas not closing on body click in Chrome and Firefox
  • Added custom title option to Off Canvas

v1.7.6 (5/3/2016)

  • Custom Class option added to Header and Paragraph stacks
  • Opacity for Off Canvas can now be added via adding opacity to colors

v1.7.5 (4/30/2016)

  • Resolved JS error with Form Base (related to last update, sorry)

v1.7.4 (4/29/2016)

  • MySQL settings properly show up now when the checkbox is set in Form Base

v1.7.3 (4/22/2016)

  • More fixes Form custom post (non-ajax)

v1.7.2 (4/21/2016)

  • Fixed Off Canvas fixed menus
  • Fixed Form custom post (non-ajax)

v1.7.1 (4/8/2016)

  • Missed some obvious settings in the new Date stack. Much better now.

v1.7.0 (4/8/2016)

  • RapidWeaver 7 improvements and compatibility changes
  • New Form Date Picker
  • New Form Recaptcha
  • New Duplicate Page Checker allows you to clean up duplicate files with a click of a button
  • New Official version of the Foundation Right-to-Left theme. Download from the Foundation DMG
  • Increased the Top Bar z-index to prevent conflicts
  • Update PHPMailer libs with various bug fixes
  • Fixed Off Canvas menu style bug in Firefox
  • Off Canvas Subnav fixes
  • Reveal custom styles work again
  • Fixed frame styling in Clearing Gallery
  • Page Speed now supports Cloudflare Rocket Loader in Manual Mode
  • Fixed issue in Site Styles with custom font selectors with a space in the font name
  • Ken Burns effects to Foundation Impact Image stack
  • Fixed Magellan Background settings
  • Off Canvas fixed position bugs
  • Button Groups can now have links that open in a new window
  • Fixes for Alt color schemes
  • Font Pro stack integrations (Font Pro coming soon)

v1.6.5 (1/19/2016)

  • New fullscreen siing option for Reveal
  • Style fixes for Reveal
  • Fixed form select box jumping when clicked

Foundation Theme v1.6.2

  • Updates for RapidWeaver 7 compatibility

v1.6.4 (1/19/2016)

  • Fix for font familiy not being applied in certain situations
  • Icon Bar now supports up to 8 icons in the bar

v1.6.3 (1/16/2016)

  • Resolved some JS conflicts that cropped up with the 1.6 release

v1.6.2 (1/15/2016)

  • Fixed another false positive alert with Dup Page Checker when the host is using 302/301 redirects to a 404 page

v1.6.1 (1/15/2016)

  • No more false positive alerts for Dup Page Checker with some hosting configurations. You should no longer have to turn it off.
  • But if you really want to, turning it off now works

v1.6.0 (01/13/2016)


  • Foundation Framework updated to v5.5.3. We have many hundreds of fixes that come with this.
  • Foundation CSS loaded in the theme again, instead of via stacks.
  • Performance optimizations

Site Styles

  • Duplicate page checker now warns you inside RapidWeaver when you have both index.html and index.php files on your server.
  • P size settings now also affects lists

SEO Helper

  • Page Speed: Font Awesome rocket loader is back! It utilizes the Stacks Font Awesome version to prevent multiple versions from loading on the page.
  • Page Speed: More page optimizations to improve your Google Page Speed rankings
  • Twitter Cards: New twitter card options: Large Summary Cards, App Cards, Product Cards


  • You can now apply a color scheme to the contents of the column stacks. You can choose from the Alt and Swatch color schemes

Top Bar

  • Parent Link now shows when mobile menu is used on Tablet or Desktop
  • Mobile back link color now inherits from link color


  • Forms now have a small spinning in-progress indicator when the form is submitted

Impact Integration

  • You will now have the option to use an Foundation image inside the Impact stack when you have Foundation installed. This will allow you to define separate images for mobile, tablet and desktop.


  • Thanks for finding even more typos in my tooltips!

v1.5.24 (12/9/2015)

  • Fix for conflict with to address with 2nd email in Form Base. You will need to redo your to Address settings for the 2nd email in order for them to function.
  • Fixed issues with default switch alignment and the switch not being clickable

v1.5.23 (11/9/2015)

  • Images inside Clearing Gallery are now protected from right clicks and downloads

v1.5.22 (11/4/2015)

  • Off Canvas menu will also be fixed when the tab bar is set to fixed
  • Form Switches now support Site Styles swatches and color schemes

v1.5.21 (10/27/2015)

  • Reveal style fixes
  • Fix for form emails with slashes with some servers
  • Improved some Swatch style scheme styles

v1.5.20 (10/14/2015)

  • Force UTF=8 encoding when inserting From data into database
  • Fix issues with sending of 2nd email from Form base

v1.5.19 (10/9/2015)

  • Top Bar Dropdown indiciator positioning fix when using custom sizing.
  • Form submit bug with 2 templates
  • Pre-loader loading improvement
  • Pre-loader is removed when JS is disabled in the browser

v1.5.18 (9/25/2015)

  • Foundation theme v1.5.4 released. It work better with out of the box jquery scripts
  • Center button on mobile
  • Top Bar download styles with gradients
  • Panel + Swatch style fixes
  • Meta tag added with forms to stop page zooming
  • Open link in new tab for Icon Bar

v1.5.17 (9/15/2015)

  • Removed version checker from Site Styles Legacy stack

v1.5.16 (9/14/2015)

  • Foundation Theme update to v1.5.3
  • New Select Option Template for Dynamic Year selection.
  • Fix for alt header styles when it contains a link
  • New Page Speed shild stack for SEO Helper
  • Improved preloader loading

v1.5.15 (9/11/2015)

  • Ability to send 2 different emails from Form Base
  • Form success or error alerts will now be displayed when server response may contain unexpected results
  • Top Bar can now inherit styles from Site Styles. This includes Swatches!
  • Swatches now have user defined labels that can be seen inside Site Styles. These will not be shown inside the dropdowns within stack settings though.
  • Ability to hide the vertical padding for devices with detailed padding settings for the 1 Column stack.
  • Meta Tags SEO Helper stack has been renamed to Page Description. Title option has been removed since Google no longer looks at it.
  • Completely revmaped Select Box stack for forms. You can now add options in an improved way as well as group them into option groups.
  • There are also a bunch of new Select Option Templates to choose from: Country, States, Months, Days, Years, and more…
  • Custom Styles for Button Groups is back. However, it needs to be done at the Button Group stack level. Therefore, when using custom styles, all buttons in the group will inherit these styles.
  • Other misc fixes and improvements

v1.5.14 (9/9/2015)

  • Fix for custom Styles in the panel stack

v1.5.13 (9/9/2015)

  • Fix for custom Styles in the panel stack

v1.5.12 (9/8/2015)

  • Off Canvas can be self contained within a 1 Column stack now
  • Pillar layout fix for content aligned left
  • Style fix for links inside headers
  • PHP include path fix for form mailer when certain path and settings are set
  • Panel works better with Swatches

v1.5.11 (8/25/2015)

  • Removed left margin added to Accordion so that it spans full width
  • Description fields in SEO Helper stacks now use multi-line text boxes

v1.5.10 (8/17/2015)

  • Fix for nested column margins when using customized column padding
  • Fix for column divider alignment when using customized column padding
  • By popular demand, Custom CSS is back in Site Styles.
  • Custom styles in Tabs works again
  • Form inputs can now have a default value
  • Form php assets now only get upload one time for your entire site
  • New lines from form textareas are properly reflected inside the email
  • Custom Styles for Tabs work again
  • Top Bar custom sizing works better now

v1.5.9 (8/11/2015)

  • New Geo SEO tags for ICMB and DC.TITLE
  • Show the Divider stack again

v1.5.8 (8/9/2015)

  • Fixed missing icons on hidden stacks. I don’t recommend that you have “Show Hidden Stacks” turned on all the time anyways

v1.5.7 (8/9/2015)

  • Resolved more conflict between RapidWeaver site code and SEO Helper. This should not be an issue any longer.
  • Fixed sub-menu accent alignment when using Custom Sizing in Top Bar
  • Had to remove Custom style option from button group buttons
  • Improved the height logic in Pillar

v1.5.6 (8/7/2015)

  • Fixed php error with SEO Helper when site wide CSS code was added into RapidWeaver
  • SEO Helper tags now wrap if they have a lot of text
  • Site Styles now has a redirect option for IE9

v1.5.5 (8/4/2015)

  • Death to version mismatch error! Now you are informed about the exact version available.

v1.5.4 (8/4/2015)

  • Deprecated Site Styles stack no longer throws version mismatch warning
  • og:title tag fixed in SEO Helper
  • Foundation Layout stacks now show above others

v1.5.3 (8/3/2015)

Deprecated Stacks

  • Site Styles
  • Top Bar
  • Button Group
  • Icon Bar
  • Divider
  • Panel
  • Paragraph
  • Block Grid
  • 1-12 Column stacks
  • All Global Templates (use partials)

New Stacks

  • SEO Helper
  • Structure

Misc Notes

  • Top Bar overhaul with color opacity and new settings
  • Site Styles overhaul with new Swatch Colors
  • New Column gutter setting in Site Styles
  • Divider can not inherit colors from Site Styles
  • Hide for Screen Readers
  • New child of stack implementations of Icon Bar, Button Groups & Clearing
  • New retake on the Structure stack… May need to redo some existing instances
  • Paragraph now has a custom sizing checkbox
  • Tons of Edit UI imporvements
  • A ton more stuff that I am sure that I forgot to type in here… watch the video…

1.5.2 7/27/2015

  • New Foundation Theme v1.5.1
  • Updated for new Aria Accessibility features
  • All Foundation stacks updated with supportted Aria Accessbility tags
  • Fix for Off Canvas + Preloaders
  • Animate Stacks appear in Edit Mode now
  • New Structure stack to help implement Aria roles and Strucutured Data
  • Header, Paragraph and Image stacks now support Strcutured Data
  • 3-12 Column stacks now support new settings added in 2 column stack in prior update
  • Other minor style bug fixes
  • Fixed some Edit Mode UI issues

1.5.1 7/20/2015

1 and 2 Column stacks

  • Completely redone 1 and 2 column stacks with more advanced features.
  • Existing instances of 1 and 2 column stacks that you may have inside your projects will have a “Legacy” label now. These will continue to function without issue. To get the new features, you will need to add a new instance to the page.


  • Panel Legacy stack now implemented so that old stacks remain intact and functional

1.5.0 7/14/2015

This version now requires Stacks 3. Do not update if you still want to use Foundation in Stacsk 2.


  • The theme now leverages the jquery that Stacks uses
  • The foundation.css is now managed by Stacks

Site Styles

  • Font Awesome is now loaded by Stacks 3. This will ensure that all stack (not only ours) load the same exact Font Awesome library.
  • Removed Foundation icon support.
  • Most color settings throughout all Foundation stacks now support color opacity.


  • Globals are now hidden since Partials will take over the world.

1.4.5 6/22/2015

Site Styles

  • Resolved conflict with headers that was breaking equalize height in columns.
  • Fixed indent on inline-nav

1.4.4 6/10/2015


  • Fix for preloader centering
  • Fix for fixed backgrounds in Chrome

Site Styles

  • Stop loading fonts from google when not requested to in certain situations


  • Make all button text uniform by disable anti-aliasing on all buttons

1.4.3 5/28/2015


  • Fix for a lot of stack animations to stop working when certain other stacks are on the page.


  • Added portrait and landscape options for visibility

Form Base

  • New options for Custom POST requests. You can now set the request type to be generic post and get form actions. This is useful so taht you can do things like build a form that searches Google. Example: Set request type to GET and Post URL to Then set the name of the text input field inside of the form to “q”.

1.4.2 5/17/2015

Foundation Theme

  • Trigger window resize when reveal lightboxes open in order to allow contained content to adjust its sizing

Site Styles

  • Increased Site Max Width to be a possible max value of 3000px

1 Column

  • Increased Max Width to be a possible max value of 3000px


  • Underline Links in Site Styles no longer underlines the reveal close button

Side Nav

  • Site Styles settings are now properly inherited

Top Bar

  • Resolved issues with logo alignment when using custom sizing

1.4.1 5/16/2015


  • Fixed issues with Foundation Images not being displayed

1.4.0 5/14/2015

Theme v1.4.0

  • Added support for Reveal autoplay
  • Updated to Foundation 5.5.2 that has over 383 fixes and improvements

Site Styles

  • Increased max font size to be 10rem. Useful for large headers


  • Added the ability to show/hide content for touch devices.


  • Fix close button color in Site Styles
  • You can now autoplay/pause Joe Workman Vimeo, YouTube and HTML5 Video stack inside Reveal

1 Column

  • Fixed Max Width

Form Base

  • Fixed the default value of the Input Padding Y setting so that it would not hide text by default. Was 1.0, Now 0.5

Form Input

  • Removed some date/time based input type options since they are not implemented well across all browsers yet.


  • panel opacity fix with nested panel stacks

Top Bar

  • Fixed duplicate menu items in submenus on lower browser widths.
  • The Menu Font setting now properly inherits when you use custom selectors in Site Styles


  • New setting to open on page load. A cookie will be stored so that the lightbox only opens one time on page load

1.3.5 4/10/2015

Site Styles

  • Fixed one last bug with Custom Font Selectors with font-weight on Header 2 styles

1.3.4 4/8/2015

Theme v1.3.3

  • Update theme to fix bug introduced the the update earlier today that caused Orbit to stop functioning.

1.3.3 3/18/2015

Theme v1.3.2

  • Theme CSS moved above user defined header components
  • Fix for flickering animations on page load

Site Styles

  • Fixed font wieght issues with custom selectors
  • New setting to control Reveal Animation site wide
  • New site perloaders for pages with lots of content. This does not make sense for most Foundation pages as they are already so fast. You can preview the CSS loaders available at

Form Base

  • Ability to customize the input field text size and padding

1.3.2 3/12/2015


  • Theme updated to v1.3.1 (You should be able to auto-update through Waterfall!)
  • Better site reflow with recalculating component sizing after CSS animations on the page.

Top Bar

  • z-index fix for dropdowns

1.3.1 3/11/2015

Site Styles

  • Fixed conflict with Google Fonts + Custom Selectors


  • Fixed custom styles when using an external launcher. The custom backdrop settings cannot be unique for each stack however. The settings from the last stack on the page will win.

Form Base

  • Fixed alerts not displaying
  • Fixed form emails not containing all data
  • New setting to control form autocompletion from the browser


  • New setting to remove panel margin

1.3.0 3/11/2015


  • Updated to lastest verion of Foundation v5.5 Framework from Zurb
  • Updated other included libraries to latest bug fix releases
  • Modernizr.js is now consolidated into foundation.js
  • Internet Explorer is now forced to use latest render mode in case browser is set to compatibility mode
  • Site language can now be choosen from over 100+ language options in Site Styles

Global Templates

  • General cleanup and relability fixes for all global templates.

Site Styles

  • Fix for some conflicts with CSS style edge cases in some stacks.
  • Enable overflow is a more forceful now. Global Content was overrinding it by importing other stacks pages.
  • All Google Fonts and Font Awesome are loaded asynchronously to improve page load times
  • Further optimized code to improve Site Styles performance in Edit Mode
  • Removed Enable Overflow setting. It was causing more harm than good. If you really need it and know why you need it, you probably are good enough to figure out the CSS to turn it back on.
  • Resolved crash with Warehouse Cover Overlay. If you had one setup, you will need to set it again. Sorry.
  • New Font Family Fallback setting when using custom font definitions
  • New settings to style Headers italic
  • Google Font laoding is highly optimized to ensure that only the fonts and weights desired are downloaded.
  • New setting to define addition font weights to load from Google
  • New setting to disable Animate stack animations on mobile
  • Background slideshows will only show the first slide as a background cover
  • You can now set the language of the webpage. There are over 100 languages to choose from.

Top Bar

  • Raised z-index to 999
  • Resolved CSS warnings
  • Faded gradient works again
  • New settings to set active menu item colors
  • Fixed button alignment in custom zone

Form Base

  • Resolved issue with line breaks getting stripped with custom email templates
  • Added ability to have a Reply-To to your email
  • Form alerts can now be closed


  • Lists will now inherit the font size defined with custom styles


  • The XLarge and XXLarge lightbox sizes now grow to proper sizes


  • New setting to make italic under custom styles


  • New settings for divider size, style and opacity


  • New settings to control the tab padding and font size
  • You can now link to tabs. There is a new LinkID setting. You use this id setting to link to each tab. You need to append the tab number to the LinkId. For example, if your LinkID was set to tab, then your hash tag that you would add to the URL would be #tab2 to link to tab 2.


  • New Preload setting for nice image loading by reserving space on the webpage until the image has been downloaded.


  • New settings to display bullets and arrows on mobile devices


  • New padding setting

Form Slider

  • Primary color scheme properly inherits from Site Styles now.

1 Column

  • New detailed padding so that you can add detailed percentag or rem padding

1.2.14 2/20/2015

  • Fixed conflict in library that was updated yesterday. Sorry about that.

1.2.13 2/19/2015

  • Updated mobile device detection algorithm to stop false positives from desktop versions of IE

1.2.12 1/22/2015

  • Updated to Font Awesome 4.3.0 (for real this time)

1.2.11 1/22/2015

  • Updated to Font Awesome 4.3.0

1.2.10 11/26/2014

Form Base

  • Finally nailed the bug where the “To Name” was getting overridden by Joe Schmoe.

1.2.9 11/14/2014

Form Base

  • Improved UTF-8 encoding for inserting data to a database. Still some characters having issues.

Top Bar

  • Moved to new version of Glass library. This will provide more efficient and faster styling of menu items.


  • Moved to new version of Glass library for better opacity styling.

Site Styles

  • Ability to define Cover images for Mobile and Tablet & Desktop.

1.2.8 11/13/2014

Foundation Theme v1.2.4

  • Updated to Foundation v5.4.7 (and all the fixes that come with that)
  • Fixes for Top Bar + Magellan

Site Styles

  • Added divders to the font family settings to make it easier to see them as sets.
  • Changed the default custom text selector to not include links.

Top Bar

  • Megellan menu now scrolls to proper location on mobile devices.

1.2.7 11/12/2014

Site Styles

  • New check to verify that the Foundation theme is actually set. This will resolve confusion when the version mismatch error was getting displayed when this happened.

Form Base

  • Updated hint to reflect that the field_id macros can be used in all Email settings.
  • Fix for checkbox fields getting properly sent via email.

Top Bar

  • Remove title area margin when set to hide

1.2.6 10/24/2014

Top Bar

  • Fixed Mobile Menu toggle from shifting when menu is open.
  • Resolved issue where Extra Zone was not allowing menu items to be clicked on mobile.


  • New Ghost button just in time for Halloween!

1.2.5 10/3/2014

Theme 1.2.3

  • Updated to Foundation framework v5.4.6


  • Removed bottom margins for labels.

Top Bar

  • Dropdown menus no longer get cut off if they are aligned right and flush against the browser.


  • You can now have just one tab.

All Columns

  • Resolved issues with top column padding and equalize heights

Site Styles

  • Fixed alt header color conflicts with alt text color

1.2.4 9/26/2014

Theme v1.2.2

  • Updated framework to Foundation v5.4.5

All Columns

  • Renamed Responsive Spacing to Responsive Padding.
  • The CSS now all uses padding so that we don’t have any issues with disappearing margins with overflow:visible.


  • Custom styles work again

Top Bar

  • Fixed Menu + Zone alignment combination conflicts
  • Fixed issue with logo image leakage when hide on mobile is turned on


  • Stopped creeping onto other stacks

Flex Video

  • Removed the sizing options since they were not truly leveraged.

1.2.3 9/24/2014

  • Background images work again. They were broken in update earlier today. Sorry.

1.2.2 9/22/2014

Site Styles

  • Fix for slight horizontal scrolling issue on mobile devices
  • Improved styling when using the default stacks padding and margins

Top Bar

  • Fixed issue with mobile menu getting pushed down.
  • Prevent form submission when checkboxes or radio buttons have valiadation errors


  • Checkboxes will now get unchecked on successful submit.
  • Input has a new autofocus feature.

1.2.1 9/15/2014


  • Font Family inheritance has been fixed across multiple components. Everything is now set to inherit from its parent.
  • Updated to Foundation framework v5.4.4

Site Styles

  • Improved the performance of the cover image. The image will now load via CSS and once JS runs, it will dynamically use that instead.

Top Bar

  • New settings that allow you to select which font family and weights are used for the menus and title area.
  • You can now hide the logo and title independently inside the title area.
  • Full Width Magellan menus now function properly.
  • Cleaned up a bunch more style bugs that no one but probably me would have found.
  • Parent Link in submenu now appears when mobile menu is diplayed with a custom breakpoint.
  • The Title Area and Zone are now only hidden automatically when the menu is set to Center + Full Width
  • Magellan + Add Dividers now works
  • New alignment setting to define exactly where the extra zone will be positioned


  • New center on mobile option

All Columns

  • Resolved some overflow issues with all column stacks

1 Column

  • New setting to force the contents to be be overflow hidden

Form Base

  • Custom SMTP server settings (don’t make me regret adding this)

1.2.0 9/12/2014


  • Updated Foundation libraries to latest and greatest version with hundreds of bug fixes.
  • When printing a webpage, background images for the site are removed.
  • IE8 is now presentable. However, still not supported.
  • Updated to Foundation 5.4.3. This contains way too many fixes to list here!

Site Styles

  • Cover Overlay Warehouse now uses a link instead of a image dropzone, as it should.
  • The size of text in Edit Mode now matches the size of the text in preview.
  • Theme update checker is back. This time it will only work inside edit mode. It will never be published to your server.
  • Fixed some font styles with custom selectors. The non-custom styles would not always take affect.
  • Updated to Font Awesome 4.2.0. Loading Font Awesome from CDN is no longer an option.


  • The animation glitches have been sorted out. Orbit finally behaves as we would all want.

1 Column

  • Support for Equlaize Height so that you can add it into other column stacks and make the height of each 1 Column stack the same.

Form Base

  • You can now use the template fields in the From Address and Name fields. Please note that some hosts may not allow email to be sent from domains that they do not host.
  • Options to edit form label size and text size
  • Close succes message bug fixed
  • Can now BCC the second recipient
  • Field validation can now be completely turned off
  • You can now define a custom database port
  • Unicode character support has been fixed for form email


  • Fixed issues with default left alignment class
  • Fixed line height issues in Edit Mode
  • Option to center on mobile added


  • Site style colors for paragraph and headers now work inside Panel stack.
  • Can now select opacity on all style types

Column Stacks

  • Added a divider option with stylings


  • Option added to display vertically on the right hand side
  • Animation option now added


  • Added display:block to image link to correct link issues
  • Added option to center on mobile


  • Cursor is now a pointer when placed over the stack

Top Bar

IMPORTANT: Top Bar has had a major revamp. You may need to redo some of your styles after updating to this version.

  • Fixed shadows work again
  • Edit mode speed improvements
  • New settings to control the hover color of the menu items.
  • The active link settings now use the same styling as the hover state.
  • Added option to hide title area when sticky and only show when fixed
  • Fixed alignment of Font Awesome icons
  • New option to hide the title, slogan and logo on mobile.
  • Improved Edit Mode look and quick preview support
  • On Mobile Menu, the parent menu now shows in its submenu.
  • Special characters used in text input settings will now be properly displayed.
  • You can now customize the breakpoint for the menu.
  • Sticky mode should no longer be jumpy when its below an image.
  • Top Bar will stay within the bounds of floating body when “Contain within Body” is used, even when fixed.
  • Full Width menu when alignment is set to center.
  • New setting to turn off the padding on Top Bar when contained within body.
  • New setting to disable a menu.
  • Magellan has now been integrated into Top Bar
  • New Show for option to easily show/hide Top Bar for certain devices.
  • Ability to customize the html element of the Title


  • Added hover color options
  • Open links in new window now works


  • Added option to center text on mobile

1.1.3 6/9/2014

Top Bar

  • Fixed gradient issues in IE9
  • Fixed logo height issues in IE9
  • The logo link now links to the base url defined in Site Setup instead of the root of the domain
  • New option for sub navigation height when using custom sizing
  • Fixed some padding issues with custom sizing
  • Fixed centered menus on mobile devices

1.1.2 6/3/2014


  • The theme version alert has been removed until Stacks 2.6 is released. This will allow me to ensure that the alert only happens inside RapidWeaver and never on a published site.

Footer Text

  • Fixed issues with text alignment setting. You may need to change alignment setting and change it back in order for it to work on existing instances.

1.1.1 5/30/2014

Top Bar

  • Fixed some height issues when using custom sizing
  • Added controls for the shadow when fixed

1.1.0 5/29/2014

Foundation Theme

  • Font Awesome removed from the theme into Site Styles. This will allow to you easily turn it on/off from Site Styles in the case that you are not going to be using it for your website.
  • If you are hand coding a page without Site Styles, you will need to make sure that you have included the Font Awesome library in your page headers.

All Stacks

  • Every stack now has its own unqiue subtitle in the Stacks library. This will make it easier for you to remember what each stack does.

Site Styles

  • Font Awesome now loaded via Site Styles. New option to turn it on/off.
  • Upgraded to Font Awesome v4.1 with a bunch of new icons!
  • The minified version of Font Awesome is now used as well. Even faster now!
  • New option for Foundation Icon Font
  • New option for locally hosted version of Font Awesome
  • New option for custom CSS styles overrides

Form Base

  • Resolved Issues with using single quotes inside the subject and message fields.
  • You can now use form field name templates in the To and Subject settings. This will allow you to use form data for these fields. This will also allow you to send emails to the email that the visitor added into the form.
  • You can now redirect to a URL when the form has been successfully submitted.

Top Bar

  • Hover opacity can now go down to 0 to disable hover effects. Warning: 1-9% will not work as you may expect.
  • You can now center the menu. However, its recommended that you hide the Title area and Extra Zones.
  • New option to hide sub-nav indicator
  • New option to hie the slogan on mobile.
  • You can now define different logos for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. However, you can only do this if you set the Title Area Content to Custom


  • Ability to add rounded corners

Footer Text

  • Increased line-height so that it looks nicer when text breaks onto multiple lines

1.0.1 5/8/2014

Site Styles

  • Fixed font weight issues.

1.0.0 5/7/2014

  • Initial Public Release