What does the Site Styles Stack all control?

This FAQ will list all of the different parts of the theme that the site styles stack controls.

Legacy Browsers

Here is where you can control the redirect to another site if someone is using Internet Explorer 6-8. You need to make a page that will work with those browsers and set the link to them.

Site Styles Legacy Browser Settings

Edit Mode

This setting determines how you are viewing your site in Rapidweaver when you are in Edit Mode. If you are building a site strictly for mobile, you can set edit mode soe it looks like a mobile site, making it easier for you to see how the set up will look without previewing. Please remember, for the exact look of what you are doing you will need to preview the page in Rapidweaver or in a browser.

Site Background

This setting is used for the background of your site. It is VERY versatile and has lots of options, even though the default setting does not make it look like it does.

Site Styles Site Background Default Settings

You can choose from a solid color, tiled image (warehouse or local), cover image (warehouse or local), and a slideshow (warehouse only). Depending on the type you choose, you may also have an overlay option.

Site Sizing

This setting allows you to change the site size. Max site width set to 1000 pixels by default. This area also lets you set the radius of the round corners through out the whole site. This is a great setting, so you no longer have to remember what radius you set on the buttons on page 1, when you are making new buttons on page 4. You can also set a standard column gutter size in this setting.

Site Syles Site Sizing Settings


This setting has LOTS of options. It starts with Icon Set. Here you can choose if you want to use Font Awesome 4 (either hosted by them or local on your server), Font Awesome 3 (hosted on your server only) or none. Depending on what you choose will determine what is loaded to your website when you publish.

The next group of settings allows you to determine the font and weight of the font for different types of text on your page. Be careful when adjust the weight, not all fonts will work with all weights. You can also set Google fonts here for your site if you want to use a Google Font. Just choose the font online and Custom Definition and type in the name of the Google font.

Now go forth and make your websites great!