Equalize Heights Issues

If you are having issues with Foundation and Equalize Heights, please read below and see if any of these issues could be causing your issue.

  1. Margins and Equalize Heights You can not add margins to the element that is getting the Equalize Height effect, it will break. For example, if you have a 2 column stack with Equalize Height set, and have a Jack stack inside that 2 column stack, you can not add a margin to the Jack stack.

  2. Why Equalize Heights might not work for you To use Equalized Height, you need to use a stack that supports Equalized Height. Here is the list of stacks that use Equalize Height.
    • Jack stack (not part of Foundation)
    • Any Foundation column stack (even the 1 column stack)
    • Price Table
    • Panel
    You can use other stacks inside a JacK stack or a column stack to make it Equalize, but those are the ones that have the option.

  3. Be sure you are using Foundation Columns and not standard columns. Standard stack columns do not have the equalize option.

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