Using Partials instead of Globals

With the release of Stacks 3 and Partials, the Foundation Global stacks are no longer needed. Follow the guide below to use partials with Foundation instead of Globals. In this guide, we will make the Site Styles stack into a Partial, but remember, you can do this with all stacks.

  1. Be sure your theme is set to Foundation.

  2. Drag and drop a Site Styles stack onto your RapidWeaver page.
    Foundation Site Styles

  3. You will notice there is a row of icons below the edit and preview buttons. It starts with the Library Cube on the left hand side and goes to the Info i button on the right. The icon we are looking for is a green pyramid of cubes. See it circled in the screenshot below:
    Stacks Partials Icon

  4. Click on that icon, and your RapidWeaver screen will change to this:
    Partials Edit Mode

  5. What you just did was make the Site Styles stack into a Partial. Now we will learn how to use that. Now, you will want to click on the Inspector icon to open the page inspector. This will bring up the Partial Info area. See below:
    Partial Info Area

  6. There is a lot of information you can add to the info area. You can give your partial a title, a subtitle, an author and tags. This is to make your Partial searchable in the stacks library. You do not have to fill it all in if you do not want to. See how I decided to fill in the screenshot below:
    Partial Info Area Filled In

  7. Now, to change the settings of the Site Styles stack, you need to click on the stack inside the partial. When you do, you will see this: Partial Stack Settings

  8. Once your settings are ready, just click on the blue Back button and that will take you out of Partial editing and bring you back to RapidWeaver edit page. You will notice that you can not edit the Site Styles partial from within the RapidWeaver edit mode. You will also notice that the name of the Partial is now where the name of a normal stack would be.
    Site Styles Partial in RapidWeaver

  9. Now, any change you make on this partial will be seen on all pages this partial is on, so let’s get this partial on other pages.

Reusing the Partial on other pages.

Now that you have made your Partial, it is time to use it on other pages. All partials will be listed in the Stacks Library under the Partial Stacks list. Depending on the preferences you have set up, the partials will either be in the complete stacks list, you will have to search for it, like below:
Stacks Library

Or it will be in the Partials list in the Library. The partials list has the same cube pyramid icon. Click on that and you will see this:
Stacks Library Partial List

Now make a new stacks page and drag the partial on to the new page. Again, any change you make to the partial (you can edit it on any page) will make changes to all of the pages.

Now go forth and make your websites great!