Switching email addresses in Foundation Forms

If you want to give people an option to choose where to send an email (for example having different departments for someone to choose from), here is a quick tutorial showing you how. In the example below, we are setting up an email for a department store with lots of different departments to email (grocery, sporting goods, toys etc.)

  1. You need to use the Select Box stack.

  2. Then define a Field Name for the box stack. Try to keep it to a one word name, with no spaces or dashes. You will also notice I added a label telling the people to choose a department to email, this can be set up to however you want it.

    Select Box Settings in Foundation

  3. ​​Then when you add options to the select option stack, in the value setting, you will want to put the email address for that department into the Value setting. Also do not forget to change the label to identify the department.

    Select Option Settings in Foundation ​​

  4. Now, go to the Form Base stack settings and set up the From Address to included the Field Name from the Select Box settings (you set this in step 2). This should be surrounded by two curly brackets on each side. For my example, it should be this . Then when someone chooses a department to email it will insert the correct address based on the selection.

    Form Base Stack Settings in Foundation

Now you should be ready to go to give users of your site an option of which area to email when they visit your site.

Now go forth and make your websites great!