Email Template

Foundation has a basic email template to give you the information set up in your forms. A basic form like this:
Foundation Forms
Which will give you a result like this:

f-name : Robert email : Ziebol subject : test textarea1 : Basic email setup

There is an option to setup a custom email template. First you will need to check the box in the Form Base stack settings called Custom Email Template?
Form Base Settings
Once you do, the stack will change in Edit mode. It adds a section called Custom Email Template
Custom Email Template
Here is where you will edit your Custom Email Template. You can type what ever you want in the email template, but if you want to include sections of the form that was entered, you need to use the Field Name of each section and you need to surround the field name with double braces - { }. Save your file and publish and test it out and see how well it works!

Now go forth and make your forms great!