Facebook Open Graph Settings

Required Fields

  • Type: (select) The type of website that you tag the page with
    • Default: Website
    • Possible Values:
      • Website
      • Blog
      • Article
  • Title: (input) The title added to og:title meta tag
    • Default: My Site Title
  • Image URL: (input) The full url to the image added to og:image meta tag
    • Default: http://example.com/myimage.jpg
  • URL: (input) The main url referenced in og:url meta tag
    • Default: http://example.com
  • Description: (multi-8) The description added to og:description meta tag
    • Default: Insert description here

Optional Fields

  • Site Name: (input) The content added to og:site_name meta tag
    • Default: My Site Name
  • FB Username: (input) Your facebook username
    • Default: fb_username