Centering the title in the accordion stack.

The titles for the accordion stack are auto set to left. There are not settings to change that (yet), but using the code provided below, you can set it to center or even to the right.

You will want to add this code to the page inspector or to the site wide code (not sure where that is, see this FAQ).

.accordion-navigation>a{text-align: center;}

If you put this code in the Page Inspector, it will change all Accordion stacks on that page. If you put this code in the Site Wide Code, it will change ALL Accordion stacks on all pages. What happens if you want to change just 1 Accordion stack on 1 page. Then you will want to use Joe’s CSS Box Stack, and give it a unique class, like .myAccordion.

CSS Box Settings

Then the above CSS will become

.myAccordion .accordion-navigation>a{text-align: center;}

Now preview you page and you should see the titles move to the center of the tab. Now go forth and make your websites great!