Setting Up the Magellan stacks

This tutorial will give you a brief overlook on how to set up the basic Magellan Menu.

This stack in the Foundation - Buttons & Navigation area of the Stack Elements and is just called Magellan.

Stacks Elements Payne

When that is added to the page, you will see the stack below in your page:

Magellan Stack

In the stack settings, the first thing you will want to do is set the number of items you want to have on your page. The number of items is the number of different stops you want to have down the page. The max number is 20, so be sure to divide your page accordingly.

Magellan Stack Settings

Once you choose that, you need to go into the stack itself and start setting up your menu. In the example I am showing you, I am using 3 items. There are two things you need to change for each item. The first would be markerid. The markerid is the ID you will set so when a person clicks, the web page will scroll to that ID. The next thing you want to change is the Item Label. The Item Label will represent the link to the markerid. In the example below, you will notice there are no spaces in the markerid and we suggest you do not put spaces in. As you can see, you are allowed to put spaces in the label area.

Magellan Stack in RapidWeaver

Now you are ready to put in your Magellan Marker stacks. You will find the Magellan Marker stack right next to the Magellan stack in the Foundation - Buttons & Navigation area.

Stacks Elements Sheet

We suggest you put the marker stacks right above the content you want the page to scroll to. This will insure that the content you want to be scrolled to will not scroll off the top of the page.

Magellan Marker Stack

The Magellan Marker stack has one setting, and that is the Marker Name. You just need to enter the markerid you set up in the Magellan stack. In our example, the first markerid we have set up is marker1.

Magellan Marker Stack Settings

Now you just need to set up the rest of your content and Magellan Marker stacks accordingly. We do suggest that you try to have as much content below your last marker as possible, or the page will not scroll all the way to the top.

Once your page is set up, you can preview your page in RapidWeaver. For an overview of the remaining settings please refer to the Magellan Settings and the Magellan Marker Settings sections.

Now go forth and make your websites great!