Adding Email Stacks to a group.

The first thing you should do before starting a projec with the email stacks is to make all of the email stacks into a GROUP inside the Stacks Library. Groups are the folders on the left side of the libary and can make access to groups of stacks faster. You need to first add a stacks page to RapidWeaver, open the Stacks library and in the search bar, type in Email. Now depending on which stacks you have installed, it should look something like this:

Email stacks inside the Stacks Library

Once you done this, select all stacks by clicking on the first one at the top, holding down the shift key, and clicking on the last one on the bottom. When you do, it should look like this:

Email stacks highlighted in the Stacks Library

Now, let’s add them to a group, below all of the stacks, you should see a little gear icon next to a heart icon:

Stacks gear icon

Click on this icon, and a menu will appear, like this:

Stacks Gear Icon Menu

You will want to go to Add to Group and then to Create New Group. When you do that, you be moved to that group in the library and all of the stacks should appear there. Like this:

Email stacks in a Group in the Stacks Library

Now you can easily work with just the Email stacks.

Now go forth and make your websites great!