Email Basic Setup

This tutorial is a basic over of how to setup and use the Email Stacks. We will go from a blank page to a finished product and even show you the important Inliner stack. We will not go through what to do from that point on. Please watch the videos for the specific service you will want to use. Also, if you have not seen the Adding Email Stacks to a group tutorial, please go here

First thing you need to remember when working with the Email stacks. is you can ONLY use the Email stacks and theme together. DO NOT try to use any other stacks with the Email set of stacks. They more than likely will not work and are not meant to.

Now, lets dig into the Email stacks!!

The VERY FIRST THING you want to do is to choose the Email Theme in the theme drawwer. It will look like this if you search for it:

Email Theme in RapidWeaver Theme Drawer

Now the NEXT THING you want to do is add a Styles stack to the page. Every Email project you work on WILL need a Styles stack on it. It will look like this when you add it to the page:

Email Styles Stack inside of RapidWeaver

You will notice at the bottom of the Styles stack that there is a little warning bar informing you that You have not completed the Implementation Checklist. This is a check list at the top of the stack settings and looks like this:

Email Settings Implementation Checklist

Since we have already set the theme to the Email Theme, you can check that box. The next box tells you to Disable Advanced General Settings. This is done on the very left side of the RapidWeaver page. Find the General settings in this list and click on it:

RapidWeaver General Settings

Then at the very bottom of the General Settings, you should see an Advanced Button:

RapidWeaver General Settings Advanced Button

Click on that button. When you do, a sheet from the top of RapidWeaver will come down with all of the Advanced Settings. You want to UNCHECK all of these settings, so they look like this:

RapidWeaver Advanced Settigs

The next thing on the list is to Set Title to Subject?. You need to go back to the General Settings and set the Title setting to the Subject of your email. In the example below, I have set it to Visit my new website!!

Title Setting in RapidWeaver General Settings

Continuing on our Checklist, we now need to Set the Slogan to Description?. This is just a short description of what your email is about. It helps in Gmail and other email clients. Again, to do this, we go back to the General Settings to set the slogan. In the example below, I have set it to Come see my new website and learn about the wonderous world of frogs!!

Slogan Setting in RapidWeaver General Settings

OK, so the next item in the checklist is not one that you actually have to do. If you want to publish your email to your server (a lot of emails have links to view online if you are unable to read the email) or if you want to use drag and drop images. For both of these options you will need to publish your email online. Our suggestion is to make a folder on your server called emails and then you can publish this to that folder each time.