Video Settings

Easy Video - Setup

  • CMS ID: (input) The file identifier to pull the content from. You will use this same identifier as the one used in the associated Easy Admin stack. Easy IDs should only contain letters and numbers.
    • Default: easycms
  • Autoplay?: (checkbox) Autoplay the video
    • Default: false
  • Loop?: (checkbox) Loop the video
    • Default: false

Easy Video - Vimeo

  • Player Color: (color) Accent color for vimeo player
    • Allows Opacity: false

Easy Video - Youtube

  • Player Theme: (select) Theme for youtube
    • Default: dark
    • Possible Values:
      • dark
      • light
  • Progress Color: (select) player color for youtube
    • Default: red
    • Possible Values:
      • red
      • white