Protect Settings

Easy Protect - Preview

  • Info: Protect will not preview in RapidWeaver. You must publish the page.

Easy Protect - Passcode

  • Passcode: (input) The passcode used to lock the page. When using pin, this must be a 4 digit number. When using a password, you can use any length of characters that you want.

  • Expire Unit: (select) The unit of time for the expiration setting
    • Default: Minutes
    • Possible Values:
      • Days
      • Hours
      • Minutes
  • Inactive Time: (number) The length of inactive time (in units defined above) until the user is logged out
    • Default: 15
    • Min Value: 1
    • Max Value: 365

  • Redirect on logout?: (checkbox) Redirect to a URL on logout
    • Default: false
  • Redirect URL: (link) The URL to redirect to on logout
    • Enable: When Redirect on logout? is set to true
    • Default:

Easy Protect - Page

  • Page Title: (input) The browser title for the page
    • Default: Enter the passcode to login

  • Background: (select) The type of background used
    • Default: Linear Color
    • Possible Values:
      • Solid Color
      • Linear Color
      • Radial Color
  • Body Color: (color) The background color for the lock screen
    • Allows Opacity: false

Easy Protect - Form

  • Top Position: (number) The percentage that protect is place down from the top of the page
    • Default: 40.0%
    • Min Value: 0%
    • Max Value: 100%
  • Round Corners: (number) Round corners for password field
    • Default: 5px
    • Min Value: 0px
    • Max Value: 1000px

  • Placeholder: (input) The placeholder text added to the passcode field
    • Default: Enter Password
  • Success: (input) The text added to the passcode field on successful unlock
    • Default: Unlocking…
  • Error: (input) The error text added to the passcode field
    • Default: Try Again…
  • Input Text: (color) The color of the input field text
    • Allows Opacity: true
  • Placeholder: (color) The color of the input field placeholder text
    • Allows Opacity: true
  • Input Bg: (color) The color of the input field background
    • Allows Opacity: false
  • Input Border: (color) The color of the input field border
    • Allows Opacity: true

Easy Protect - Footer

  • Add Small Logo?: (checkbox) Show your custom logo image. Thei image will be reduced to 48px height.
    • Default: false
  • Add Short Notice?: (checkbox) Add custom text input. We recommend that you keep this short and sweet.
    • Default: false