Dispatch Server - Using custom buttons

There is an option in the Dispatch Stacks that allows you to use a custom button in stead of the standard buttons. Look for the Dispatch - Button Style settings in the stack settings.
Custom Buttons

Choose Use Button Stack in the stack settings and the settings will look like this:
Use Button Stack

Once you add your button stack to your page, you will need to change the link of the button (unless you are using Joe’s Sweet Button stack, look for instructions below for the Sweet Button stack). In the example below, I am using Elixirgraphics Flat Button Stack but if you are using a different button stack, you will need to configure it accordingly.

You will notice, Elixir puts an actual link in for the button,
Flat Button Settings
you will need to change that. Click on the Set Link button and change the URL to this code:


So it will look like this in the settings:
Flat Button New Settings
Now the button will work for the dispatch stacks.

Sweet Button Setup

The Sweet Button stack works a little differently. First, the code that we talked about above, is already set in the link, but to be extra sure it works, we suggest you check the Submit Form checkbox in the Sweet Button - Setup stack settings.
Sweet Button Settings

We hope you have enjoyed this FAQ, now go forth and make your websites great!