Cloudflare & CMS for RapidWeaver

I know that many of you out there use Cloudflare to help speed up your and your customer sites. However, Cloudflare could be a nuisance when you want to replace an image inside the CMS. Cloudflare will continue to serve up a cached version of the older image. It will do this until the cache age has been reached or you manually clear the cache for that image.

I would like to add direct integration with Cloudflare in the future to automatically clear that cache for an image. However, here is a decent work around until then.

Cloudflare supports page rules. You can make it so that Cloudflare will bypass its caching for any files stored inside the cmd-data folder. This means that you should see your image changes immediately (or after a browser cache refresh).

Below is an example of the rule that you will add to your Cloudflare account. Simply change your domain to be yours.

Cloudflare Rule

Now go forth and make your websites great!