Climate is not updating on a constant basis

One of the great “features” of Mavericks is that it puts apps to sleep that are not actively being used. Essentially Mavericks is putting Climate to sleep around 3 to 4 minutes after non-use. At this point it stops getting updates from Nest.

Now this last update was very critical to get out of the door quickly. In order to do this, I implemented a bandaid solution to get around this “feature”. Climate manually reconnects to Nest in the background every 10 mins. In all of my tests, this has successfully updated the menubar and notifications. This means that there should only be a max of 10 min delay in reflecting changes in your Nest.

If you ever want to manually reconnect to Nest, you can select the “Reconnect” option in the contextual menu. You can get to this menu by right clicking on the menu bar icon or by using the cog wheel at the bottom of the Climate window. You can also simply use the keyboard shortcut ⌘R.

Let me stress that this behavior is completely temporary. I wanted to get this last update out as soon as possible because it was completely broken before.

Cool things are coming… Nest is supposed to release their official developer API. This means that Climate no longer needs to use to use non-official ways of getting its data. I am very excited about this and means that I will be able to bring more powerful and useful features to Climate users.