How can I configure Climate to use the Nest beta interface?


You must have been granted beta access by Nest. I have no control over this and dont even have beta access myself.

I cannot garauntee that every Cliamte feature will work in the Nest beta environment. If you do notice any issues, please inform us about the issue so that we can implement a fix before it breaks in production.

In the v1.2 update, there is a hidden preference that allows you to flip a switch and make Climate point to Nest’s beta user interface. Since this is a hidden preference, you will need to run the following command via (/Applications/Utilities/

Simply copy/paste the following command into and hit enter. You will then need to quit and relaunch Climate. Verify that the url to your Nest beta account is correct.

defaults write com.joeworkman.mac.mynest ClimateConnectUrl

In order to reset Climate back to its original state, simply run the following command in

defaults write com.joeworkman.mac.mynest ClimateConnectUrl