Warehousing Images and Video

What Warehousing Means Warehousing your files is when you store them on your server and then reference their location on your web page.

Why You Should Warehouse Your Files By warehousing the images it can decrease the overall file size of your webpage. Due to browser caching it also means that if you use an image in multiple pages and the browser will only have to download it once.

How to Upload Files to Your Server and Find URL The easiest way to warehouse images, videos, and other files to use across your site is by using Total CMS or Easy CMS.

Total CMS and Easy CMS will both provide you with a url that you can use to reference the Full Image, Thumbnail, and Square Thumbnail within other stacks across your site.

Web Address Setting

To find these links simply hover over the uploaded image displayed in the admin stack displayed in your browser and select the icon of a photo.

Web Address Setting

Other stacks such as Dispatch Amazon S3,Dispatch Server, and Dispatch Dropbox are also great solutions that allow you and/or users of your site to upload files to a designated location. These forms offer an abundance of features such as forms to provide information about uploads and passwords to ensure that only authorized users are uploading files to your server.

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Last but not least, you may always go the classic style of using an FTP client such as Transmit 4,Cyberduck

Web Address Setting

The url to your files will be relevant to the file path and file name on the server. For example in the image above the video file “Aqua-natural.mp4” would be found at “http://www.SiteName.com/assets/videos/Aqua-natural/Mp4/Aqua-natural.mp4”

NOTE: When it comes to URLs the folders that are listed after the main domain name are case sensitive.

Now go forth and make your websites great!