Folder Permission Issues

There are many of Joe’s stacks (Vimeo Wall, Global Content, Dispatch Stacks) that need folder permissions set correctly on the server. Here is how you do this.

Log onto your server with an FTP program and find the folder that is having the permissions issues. Click on the folder and either go to the menubar and click on file and go down to Get Info or control/right click on the folder and use the contextual menu and click on the Get Info there. When you do, you will see the Info for that folder come up. It will look different depending on the FTP app you use, but they should be pretty similar. The one in the picture below is the Transmit App.

Get Info Window

You want to be sure the numbers in the Octal setting are either 755 or 777. Apply that change and refresh the page with the error on it and you should be good to go!