Checking responsiveness of your site

A lot of Rapidweaver Users think that adjusting their browser by making it wide and thinner is what responsive sites are about. Remember, the only time a site is responsive is when a user views it on an iPad/iPhone and rotates them from landscape to portrait and vice-versa. Yes, a user might make a browser smaller, but they are not testing responsiveness, they usually are moving their browser window to get to something behind it.

Responsive Webdesign

Remember, the above is NOT what users actually do! The best thing to do to try and reshrink your browser to the appropriate sizes for the different devices and refresh the page. A great way to do this is to use a Safari add-on called Responsive Resize.

Responsive Resize Screenshot

You should also check out the awesome Duo Browser. As it shows you what the site looks like in mobile and desktop modes.

Duo Browser Image