How to make your support ticket a priority

Are you having a support issue with one of Joe’s stacks? It does happen from time to time, and if you are, there are ways for us to get to your question faster. Follow these guidelines to get an answer to your support questions:

  1. Before submitting a request, check the Docs page. We have a lot of FAQs and tutorials that could be the answer to your question.
  2. Check for updates of the stack, maybe this bug has been fixed and you do not have the update yet. Check here and see if you have the latest version of the stack.

  3. Check the Realmac Software Community Forums and see if anyone else might be having the same issue you are. If they are, then maybe they have asked on the Forums.

  4. Join Joe’s Weaver’s Space Community. It is a fun place to learn new things and get your answers. Joe and his support staff are also on the board, but the users are the biggest part of Community. They are a great help to everyone on the board. They have great tips and new ideas to create even more stunning RW websites!

  5. If all of this still fails you, then it is time to contact us. Send us an email. In your email, please be as specific as you can about your issue. Please try include the following information, as it will help us find the answer faster:

    • Please give us EXACT version numbers. We need to know for sure what version of Rapidweaver you have. What version of the Stacks Plugin you have. What version of the Joe Workman stack you have. If you are using Foundation, get the exact version numbers for those products. Remember, more than likely the theme version will be different than the stacks versions.
    • If your page is published, please provide us with a URL so we can see the issue happening first hand. This is VERY important, especailly if we need to do CSS Customization (if you do not want to have your page published because it will effect your site, learn how to make a sandbox page.
    • If your issue is with a certain browser, PLEASE tells us the browser you are using and the version number of that browser, just saying Firefox or Internet Explorer helps a little, but something like Firefox 30 or Internet Explorer 9 is MUCH better!
    • If you can, please include your saved RW file, this is the file that ends in .rwsw (RapidWeaver 5 which stands for RapidWeaver Sandwich File), .rw6 (RapidWeaver 6) or .rw (RapidWeaver 7). To do this, you will first have to compress or zip the file. To compress a file, you need to right click or control click on the actual file you want to compress, find the word compress “filename” (filename will be replaced with the RapidWeaver filename) and click on it, see the image below to see how:

      Compressing a File

    This will make your a zip file, or have name like (filename will be replaced with the rwsw filename). This is the file we will want you to send to us. Now, if this file is over 1 MB in size, our support system, Zendesk, will strip the file from your email. To help with this you will need to use a service like Droplr, DropBox or CloudApp or one of the many other ones out there. Drop your compressed file into one of these apps to send us a link so we can download your file.

    • If your problem is happening on a specific page, please tell us that, it is hard to look through a file and try to find exactly what you are looking for, especially if the file has more than 5 pages.
    • If you like to hide your stacks, please undo this before sending. It can be hard enough to find an issue, but if all the stacks are hidden, it takes a lot more time to go through and unhide them all.

    Hopefully this will make your support request happen faster and we can help you get back to weaving.

    Now go forth and make your websites great!