Email Obfuscator

This tool was leveraged from Albion Research. I placed it here to ensure that our users will always have access to it. Just giving credit where credit is due.

Sadly there are a number of “spambots” which roam the web “harvesting” email addresses to send spam to. Often you have no choice but to include a mailto link with an email address in a web page. Fortunately most of these spambots do not seem to have complete HTML parsers, and most do not execute JavaScript.

This free Email Address Obfuscator uses obfuscation to generate a “mailto:” link which will confuse na├»ve spambots, but will still work in standard browsers. It also generates an alternative version which requires a Spambot to execute JavaScript.

Email Address
Generated Obfuscated Link

Obfuscated Address Link using HTML Encoding Click on text then Copy
Obfuscated Address Link using JavaScript Click on text then Copy