Trying to contact a developer

We from time to time get people who are trying to contact us, but for some reason, our emails back to them, just never get there. Remember, there are many other ways, other than our support email, for you to get a hold of us. Please try the ways below before giving up hope and writing us and your request off.


If you use Twitter, try contacting any of the accounts below, we are all on it and have it up all day. • Stackupdates - Our offical account to keep you up to date with our stacks. • Joe’s Personal Twitter Account - Joe posts every day, and always available. • Robb’s Personal Twitter Account - Robb is one of Joe’s tech support. • Tron’s Personal Twitter Account - Tron is another one of Joe’s tech support.


Joe has a facebook page for his stacks, you can follow us there and you will get update information, and links to stacks and FAQs from our Docs site. RapidWeaver Add-ons by Joe Workman


If you do not get in contact with our support email support(at)joeworkman(dot)net then try Robb’s email for support rob(at)joeworkman(dot)net Robb checks this email everyday, so you will get response from that.

Joe’s Google+ Community

Joe started his RapidWeaver Google+ Community so he could get faster access to the people that use his stacks and also to make a place where users could help users. It actually started as a Glassboard Community, but as it got bigger, and Glassboard does not offer any search support, he decided to move it to a Google+ Community. This is a great place to go and ask questions that ANYONE can help you with. We even have a few developers and Dan Counsell, the head cheese at Realmac as members! We have well over 300 users now and it is a very active community, check it out!

Realmac Forums

The Realmac Forums are a place set up by Realmac, the creators of RapidWeaver. It is a place to see product announcements as well as ask questions to developers and other users. If you are not hearing a response to any of the above possibilities, start a thread in the forums and use our user names and we get informed that you are trying to contact us. Joe’s user name is @joeworkman, Robb’s username is @zeebe, and Tron’s username is @uknowirock.

Remember, we are people too, with lives, and sometimes situations come up and you might not get a response from us right away. Please try to be patient and give us time to answer. Thanks

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