Stacks View Mode

Stacks has a very nice feature since stacks 2 called view mode. The view mode allows you to see your stacks in three different ways. We will describe them below.

First, you need to know where the view mode setting is located. It is very easy to find, it is at the top of a stacks page.

Stacks 2.6.10 View in RapidWeaver 6

View mode has 3 different settings, and most of the time you will really only use two of the three. It all depends on your preference when working with stacks. We will describe and show all 3 view modes and you can determine which one you like best. The view modes are Detailed, Default and Clear.

Detailed View Mode

Stacks in RapidWeaver 6 Detailed View Mode

In Detailed View Mode, you will see all of the stacks, with stacks names above them. They will be highlighted by either a grey dotted line or a blue dotted line depending on wether the stack is selected.

A grey dotted line means it is a non-selected stack.

non-selected stack

A blue dotted line means it is a selected stack and you will be able to access this stacks settings.

selected stack

Some developers have also changed the colors of the dotted lines to represent different things. In our Foundation Theme our global stacks have green dotted lines to represent they are a global stack. They will only be green when selected.

Selected Global Stack from Foundation for RapidWeaver

Default View Mode

Stacks in RapidWeaver 6 Default View Mode

In Default View Mode, you still see all of the stack, EXCEPT you no longer will see the stack name incorporated with the dotted line. It still comes up in the stack settings though. Again, these dotted lines will be colored like in the Detailed View Mode.

Clear View Mode

Stacks in RapidWeaver 6 Clear View Mode

In Clear View Mode, the only thing visible will be the content of the stacks. This too depends on how the stack developer has programmed their stack. You will not see the dotted line anymore in Clear View Mode. The stacks should still highlight blue when active (although some may not) and when selected you will still have access to the stacks settings. You can also still edit the content of the stacks in this mode if the stack allows for editting of content (like the Text Stack).

Some developers have use the Clear View Mode to give you the opportunity to kind of preview your page. It is not a complete preview, but if you want to see a quick layout look, this can be a good way to do it. We offer this in our Foundaiton Stacks. Look at these images.

Foundation in Detailed View Mode
Foundation in Detailed View Mode

Foundation in Clear View Mode
Foundation in Clear View Mode

Foundation in Preview Mode
Foundation in Preview Mode

See how the Site Styles stack disappears completely in Clear mode? This is almost a complete preview without having to preview in RapidWeaver.

Here is an animated version of what I did above using Joe’s Foundation Project File.
Animated Gif of View Modes

Hopefully this helps you understand the different view modes in RapidWeaver and what developers can do with the view mode.

Now go forth and make your websites great!