Update to the latest version of a stack in Stacks 2

With Stacks v2.x, our stacks can be updated through the Stacks Elements area. When a stack has an update available, you will a small red circle with a white exclamation point in it.

When you see this exclamation point on your stack, you then need to click on the stack that needs an update and go down to the bottom of the Stack Elements and find the little gear and click on it.

This will give you an option to install update, install all updates and a few other options. If you only want to install this update, click on install update, if you have many stacks that need updating, you can click on install all updates to install them. The install all updates option can take time if you have a lot of updates.

What if my stack does not have this cool exclamation point?

There are two things you can do.
The update of Stacks 2.5.x has added a great feature to help you get updates. You can now manually have the stacks plugin check for updates. There are two ways to do this. The first is in the Stack Elements drop down. Click on the little gear on the right hand side of the drop down. Click on this and you will see an option to Check for Updates. Click on this option and then you need to wait, depending on the number of stacks you have.

Stack Elements Drop Down


In the Page Inspector, you can get the preferences for the Stacks plugin. Once the page Inspector is open, make sure you click ont the tab on top marked Page.

Page Inspector

Once you do this, you will want to click on the Advanced Tab.

Stacks Preferences

Then you should see a button that says Check for Updates. Click this button, it will check to see if you have the latest version of the Stacks plugin and then start checking for stacks updates. Now you have to wait depending on the number of stacks you have.

Check for Updates


Do you have a LOT of stacks and want to see how fast it is checking for updates, or you do not seem to be getting an update when a developer has said they have released one. Click on the button marked Developers: Enable Tools.

Stacks Preferences

When you do, you will notice a change in the Stacks settings panel

Stacks Settings Panel

It is a dark word that reads Developer, if you click on that it will bring up the Developer window.

Stacks Developer Window

If you open this window right after you click on Check for Updates you will notice a list of stacks scrolling in the API Error Log window. That is how Stacks checks for updates.

You can also simply re-download the stack from the original invoice. If you cannot locate your original invoice, you can look up all your past invoices at the following link. https://joeworkman.cartloom.com/lookup