Problems checking for Stacks Updates.

There are times when a developer will tell you that they have released an update for a stack, but when you go and check for updates, nothing shows. Hopefully by the time you are down with this tutorial you will know what might be causing this.

Possible Causes for issues

First, let’s talk about causes a stack will not update. There could be lots of reasons why a stack will not update, and stop either the update process of other stacks, or cause the stack itself to not update. Below is a short list of the main reasons.

  1. The user has an old stack that never had the sparkle update code in it originally. The best way to fix this is to contact the developer and get an update that way. This should not stop other stacks from updating when checking for updates.

  2. The user has an old stack that needs to be purchased for the upgrade. Joe does this when he upgrades a stack for example from a version 1.x to a version 2.x. Again, to fix this, contact the developer, try to do this as soon as you can. Most developers will offer upgrade pricing when they release a new version like this, so the faster you connect to them, the better. Some developers, like Joe, will also send out upgrade emails, so be sure that the email address you bought the stack with is your current email address. If not, contact us and we can change that for you. If you do not know what email is used for what product, you can always use our Order Lookup Page and if you do not have your invoice order, use the retrieve order history option. This issue should not stop other stacks from updating when checking for updates.

  3. Developer did not correctly set up Sparkle Updating. This can happen from time to time, especially with new developers. The best way to fix this is to again, contact the developer and hopefully they can release a fix. This issue could cause other stacks from not updating.

  4. Developer no longer exists. If a developer has stopped developing their stacks and did not sell them to someone else, if the corresponding URLs for the updates are taken down, you might not see updates for other stacks. This can cause other stacks from not updating.

How to find out why a stack is not updating.

The proces below will not tell you the exact reason behind why a stack is not updating, but it will help you figure out which stack might not be updating and causing other stacks to not update.

  1. First thing you need to do is get onto a stacks page. This can be a current project file you are using, or you can do this from a fresh new project file.

  2. Open the Page Inspector and click on the last tab in the Page Inspector, it is the Page settings for the Stacks Plugin.

    Stacks Page

  3. Once you have those settings open, click on the Advanced tab, and you will see these settings:

    Stacks Page Settings

  4. There are only two options in the Advanced tab. The top one has a checkbox after the word Developers and says Enable Tools afterwards. Click on the checkbox. When you do that, the word Developer will appear above the Stacks Settings. See below:

    Stacks Developer Button

  5. This is actually a button, and when you click on the word Developer a developer window will pop up.

    Stacks Developer Window

  6. Most of the developer window you will not need to worry about, it is mainly for developers to use and if you do not follow the instructions listed here and screw something up, you will have to fix it, so please do not mess with any other part of the developer window except what we show you. The area you want to keep close attention to is the API Error Log window located at the bottom. Depending on the length of time since you have open RapidWeaver, this window will probably have nothing in it, BUT, it could have some content telling you that the Stacks Plugin has checked to see if there was an update or not.

  7. Now that you have the Developer Window open, you will want to manually check for updates. You can do that in the stack elements area (gear on the bottom right of the elements window), or you can do it on the Stacks page settings. Click the button to to Check for Updates. While doing this the Developer Window may have disappeared, just click the Developer word that is above the stack settings to bring it back. Once you start chec king for updates, you should see text scrolling in the window, like this.

    Stacks Developer Window

  8. Now, depending on the number of stacks you have in your library, it can check all of them very fast or it could take some time. My current computers it takes around 10-12 minutes to check. As it is checking, you can watch or you can do other work and come back to it. What we are looking for as far as problems is if one stack stops (and not the last stack). If a stack stops, that could mean that this stack is not able to connect to it’s server for an update or the code is wrong or something. Before you delete the stack, I would try Checking for Updates again as it could just be a small connection issue or something. I would now watch the list of stacks go by just so you can see if it stops again. If it does, I would remove the stack that it stopped on and either keep it (in a different folder or move it to the desktop) or delete it, it is up to what you want to do, but either way, contact the developer and see if they know what the issue might be.

I hope this helps you if you are having issues updating a stack. If not, do not hesitate to ask us by sending an email to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net or by asking on our Google + Community Page.

Now go forth and make your websites great!

Video Tutorial

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