Getting a stack installed

There could be many reasons your stack is not installing, read below and see if any of these tips help.

Can’t open the application error

If you are seeing this error, you are probably running Mac OS 10.6.8 or lower. We can still get your stack installed. Open the disk image and you will see a folder called Resources, double click on that folder.

When you open that folder, you should see the stack, like in the example below shows Cycler3.stack (you will want to look for the name of the stack you are installing, not just Cycler3.stack).

Double click on the stack and it will install.

My stack file looks like a folder

If you were following the instructions above, but see a folder instead of the stack icon (like below)

If this is happening, you probably either do not have the latest version of Rapidweaver (current version is 5.3.1) or you do not have the The will soon not be an option, when Rapidweaver includes sandboxing, but until then, if you do not have the, you can download it below.

Manually installing a stack.

If you do not want to download a new app or still can not get your stack installed for some reason, you can always manually install the stack. The stacks are kept in the Stacks folder in the Rapidweaver Folder in the Library folder of the User account you are in. If you are using 10.6.8 or lower, this will be visibile in your User folder. If you are using Mac OS 10.7 or 10.8, it will be a little trickier, as Apple has hidden the Library folder that resides in your User account folder. To do this, make sure you are in the Finder and click on the word Go in the Menu. You should see a similar menu to the menu below:

To show your Library folder, hold down the Option key on your keyboard and you will see a similar menu to this:

Now, as you see, Library has appeared. Click on Library. Once that folder is open, you will then need to find the Application Support folder, open it. Then find the Rapidweaver folder and open that. Then find the Stacks folder and drop your stack (for example Cycler3.stack) into the Stacks folder and it is now installed.


There is an app that we have called the StackInstaller. You can get it here Just drop the stack onto the StackInstaller and it will install it for you. Heads up, this might become useless with any update from the Stacks plugin. Isaiah doesn’t think this is necessary, but for people who are too nervous about manually installing a stack, we think it is a good work around for now.

Hope this has helped you install your stacks if you were having issues! If not, please submit a support ticket to Enjoy!!