Stacks Image Editor

The stacks plugin comes with an image editor. This gives you many options with your images in the Stacks plugin. There are many settings here you can use.
1. Adding a filename.
2. Changing the image format, from Original to JPEG to PNG.
3. Adding an Alt Tag to the image (this works on many of our stacks to change the captions of your images).
4. The Scale Mode allows you to Scale to Fit, Scale to Fill, Stretch to Fill or Center.
5. Adjusting the Scale slider will make your image smaller to fit your space.
6. You can not adjust the Aspect Ratio of an image, but you can set the maximum width or maximum height. If you keep the Constrain width and height boxes checked. 7. Use the Rotation slider to rotate your images. 8. Add a border and shadow with other adjustments.

There are some slight differences if you set the Scale Mode to Scale to Fill, Stretch to Fill or Center. The settings for these 3 are all the same. Width, Height and Rotation settins. See the screenshots below.

Hope you have enjoyed the FAQ about the Stacks Image Editor.