Global Content

There are 3 different ways to have things Global in Foundation for Rapidweaver.

Foundaiton Global Templates

  • Located under the Templates area in Stacks.

    Stack Templates

The Foundation Global Templates ensure that the settings for a stack are global, not any of the stack content however. So any page with a project that contains the template stack on it will get the global settings. This is a great way to keep settings the same on every page without having to copy and paste the same stack from page to page. It is also a great way to change settings on all pages, as if you make a settings change on one page, it will change for all pages that have a Global Templates stack on it.

Stacks Global Content

Stacks has Global Content built in. However, it’s not named properly because it’s more like global text. This was a feature baked into every text box in any stack since Stacks 2.5. This is a great way to have the same block of text in multiple locations where you can edit it in only one place.

To use Global Text, you need to add any stack that has editable text in it. Click in the text area like you would be editing the text. When you do, you will see the following on your RW project:

Stacks Global Text

Once you are in Text Edit mode, you will want to check the box in the stacks settings marked Global Content. You will also want to give your content a name, something you can remember for when you use it on other pages. See my example below:

Stacks Global Text Settings

Then on every page you want to put this same text, add the same stack, and check the Global Content checkbox and enter the same Content Name and it will automatically put that text in.

Global Content Stacks

This last group are my Global Content Stacks. These are really cool because you can place almost anything inside of it and it can be imported into as many stacks pages as you want. It also saves you publishing time since you only need to published the page with the Global Content.

You can also take certain 3rd Party Plugins and import them into Stacks pages. See this faq for the complete list.

There is one slight little downside to Global Content stacks, which is the it does add a small overhead to page load times (although not noticeable in most cases).

Which is the best way to use?

We say K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). If the first two options will work for you, we say do it! This may increase your publishing time because you will need to upload more pages after a change. However, it will also make your website have less moving parts. And that is always a good thing.

Can you use Foundation Templates inside Global Content stacks?

There is no reason why this would not work. Not sure the use case is valid though.

Global Content stack link setup…

We recommend that you use relative to DOCROOT. However, relative to page does indeed still work. However, if you have links inside your Global Content, you will want to make sure that you put in the URL to the page instead of choosing the page via the menu.

RapidWeaver Advanced Settings

On a side note, I recommend that you never use relative to web address. Bad stuff will happen with that and a lot of RW addons.

No go forth and make your websites great!